Who uses their bayswater as an everyday bag?

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  1. ie not just for work? If so- what do you carry in it and how heavy do you find it? I can't imagine lugging it around shopping with me!!! (would use my Antony for that!).
    Just interested in what you use it FOR, what you carry IN it and how you CARRY it (ie shoulder/arm/hand held)!:wlae:

    (my bayswater is sat in cupboard waiting to be wrapped up for xmas and am trying to decide whether to keep it as a work bag (3 days a week) or use it daily when out with toddler aswell!)
  2. I used to have the Bayswater, and I carried it everyday! It held my computer on work days and all kinds of other stuff when out shopping etc.. :smile:

    I could easily carry it over my shoulder, and also hand held. It is not as heavy as many of Mulberry's other bags..

    The reason I ended up selling it was the handles. I dit not find them to be robust enough for my use...

    Good luck deciding - it is a classic!!
  3. Well, I feel kind silly responding since I just got my bag last week!

    I have a total casual lifestyle and carry her out and about - doing the normal "suburban thing" (meaning I use a car). Oh, she doesn't go to the gym.

    I believe my bag is lighter than the Darwin leather, so it's not so heavy. I hand carry, in the crook of my arm and also toss her over my shoulder. Inside: wallet, small cosmetic bag, sunglasses, reading glasses, IPOD, pens/paper, cell phone, notepad, etc. Not too much.

    It's such an awesome bag!
  4. my bayswater is the darwin oak and i use it as my everyday bag.

    it holds everything with room for more (potentially dangerous for my arm) and i dont find it too heavy - yet.

    ive had this bag for quite a few months now and absolutely love it, its tough and is getting better with age, not too scary to use if it looks like rain either.

    im currently waiting for a mulberry keyring to hang on it - a little jewellery to dress her up:tender:
  5. Hello griffin!!! Welcome to the Mulberry site!!! Great bag too!!!!! I am considering a Bayswater at a later date,after coming on here I'm realising its very much an iconic bag in the same way the Roxanne,Elgin,Annie,Phoebe are,I have found very recently in the Manchester store that the printed leather ones are a bit thicker and as I treat my bags quite badly (not on purpose its just how my life is with a toddler at the mo)it might be an option for me? Mmmmmmmmmm seriously thinking,but there are just so many!!! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Use mine on a daily basis. Bad thing is that since it is so roomy, I tend to keep adding contents. Then it's heavy as blazes.
  10. I use my Bayswater as an everyday bag and I carry many things (I even used it as a overnight bag...LOL). I find it quite heavy, though
  11. I cannot imagine using this bag as an every day bag. But I am sure it depends on your lifestyle. I'm a stay at home mom with 2 young children and also a freelance magazine writer. I tend to use the bag when I am on my own and running errands. After a while, it feels very heavy to me. However, I love the look and carrying this bag makes me feel great!

    When I go shopping or I am with my children, I tend to carry hobos, like my Balenciaga Day bag. Very light weight, shoulder bags.
  12. I used this as an everyday bag for about six months and it was fab. it is heavy but after a while I really didn't notice it - honest!