Who uses more than 1 wristlet in the same bag?

  1. If you do, what do you use them for?

    Just curious!;)
  2. I only use one and it holds my coupons.
  3. I used to use mine as a wallet, but now I use it to hold my iPod.
  4. I have the watercolor stripe from the outlet that holds my lipglosses, hand sanitizer, and floss. And then my chelsea turnlock holds my wallet, powder, another lipgloss (ok, i have a lip gloss problem) and my keys. If I have to grap and go, I just pull that out and run into stores without my big ol' satchel.
  5. I use one for store receipts and one for little odds and ends, lip balm, gum etc. :smile:
  6. I use a sig. framed wristlet for my cards and receipts and I use a sig. wristlet for cash and inside of it I keep a minni skinny with my change.
  7. I like this discussion! I've often wondered how people organize with the coach accessories. Do most of you use the wristlets INSIDE your purse for organization, or do you use them as a purse instead of your larger purses? I read that tinkerbell takes her larger turnlock wristlet out of her bag when she runs into a store for something quick.When they are inside your purse, do you stuff the wristlet handle inside it? To me, it seems like it would get kind of tangled in the interior of the purse!!:smile:
  8. I've had more than one in a bag at a time...mostly when Aunt Flo is in town, lol. I use one for tampons and another for makeup. This is especially important when I have an open top bag and don't want anyone getting a peek at what's in there.

    I also use mine on their own for quick errands (just ID, debit card, phone). I've always kept the handle out...never have had a tangling problem...yet!
  9. I use two...one for my Ipod and one for misc stuff: kleenex, lipgloss, gum...
    I use a mini skinny as my wallet for cash & cr. cards.
  10. I use one wristlet to hold my PDA (those wristlets seem to be perfectly sized for mine) and another one to hold my ID, cash, card, etc. I leave the wristlet handle out, though I haven't thought of tucking it in while it was in my bag. So, I guess I use mine to organize the inside of my bag instead of using it as a purse.

  11. I use one for my makeup and another for my camera. Like others have said, I use another one for tampons when needed. I also carry a small one for my receipts when I'm doing a lot of shopping.
  12. Nope, it just sits in there...everything is in the wristlets except my cell phone, my keys, and checkbook. So it's not that bad in there. And for work, I don't want to take my whole purse in, so thats when I grab the turnlock and go to work, has whatever I need for the time being. :tup:
  13. I don't have mulitple wristlets in my purse, but I have two mini skinny's and a wallet. The wallet I hold all the cards and money that I don't use regularly. One mini leather mini skinny I use for cash and debit card and the other, a signature, holds my ipod. And I received all these lovely ideas from you wonderful women here:tup:
  14. I use two sometimes, One for my money if I don't feel like carrying my wallet and another for makeup.
  15. I've usually got many wristlets in a bag.

    1. With all of those store discount cards, etc. It keeps wallets from being stretched out and makes for easier changing of wallets.

    2. With a plastic bag for rain emergencies.

    3. Odds and ends that would float in a big bag.

    I usually also have a mini cosmetic bag and 2 mini skinnies in there (if shopping. #1 is for change, #2 for gift cards/merch credits, etc)

    I carry multiple bags in a week (well, ok, sometimes day), and it's easier to organize everything in something for ease for changeover.