Who uses Immediate Payment Option?

  1. I've had a few non payers lately and am thinking of using the PayPal immediate payment option. Does anyone use this, and what do you think of it?:confused1:
  2. I've used it several times and love it, never had a problem
  3. As a buyer, I don't mind it at all...but, I always pay immediately after winning anyway.
  4. I always very fast, but for some reason I tend to stay away from immediate payment items. For instance, my payday may be 3 days away or I'm waiting for a buyer to pay me or I may want to get a money order with funds from a different account. Plus, I find on the few that I had to do immediate payment on, the shipping was NOT so immediate, in fact items were postmarked several days after I paid! If a seller isnt going to ship immediately, I feel they shouldnt expect payment immediately. When I sell I expect payment with 5 or 7 days (depends on my mood at the time of listing). Some may want to send a money order or even a personal check. (I have never had a problem with check payments)
  5. I've never used it as a seller. I think if you have a high priced item it could be a good thing.....avoids the non-paying bidders.
    As a buyer I've never had an auction like that...but it wouldn't bother me. Worse comes to worse and payday is a couple days later I can just use a CC and then pay it off in a couple days.
  6. I always use the immediate pay because ebay wont let the bidder win the item on BIN without paying, first. It leaves the option open to other bidders, without taking it off auction because some foot dragger didn't want to pay right away.
  7. I ALWAYS used it when I was selling! If you buy anything else online, you have to pay for it right away. Why should eBay purchases be any different?

    As a buyer, I have that same attitude. When I use BIN, I pay immediately even if there isn't immediate payment required.

    Try buying from Neiman's online and say "I'll pay you in three days." Think they'll hold your item?
  8. Thanks girls!
    One more question, does it go away on auction type auctions? If someone bids the opening bid and not the Buy It Now bid?
    If that is so, then in order to use it 100% of the time, you would have to used the fixed pricing? Is that correct?
  9. The only time you can use imediate payment option is on Best offer, Buy It Now, or Set Price Auctions. Regular auctions don't have the option of immediate payment, so as soon as someone bids at opening bid, BIN and IP go away.
  10. yep, I have started to use this option after a buyer let me down and did not pay :sad:

    Its excellent, as the item stays up for sale until the buyer completes the transaction, so for sellers, its a really great tool. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more necessary as people often hit the buy it not button and do not, or cannot go ahead, so this way saves alot of hastle.

  11. So chloe-babe, you're listing with fixed auctions?
  12. yep! just some dresses and stuff :smile:
  13. Great Thanks! I think that's how I'm going to list from now on. I'll miss the auction style, but not the MIA/dead beat winners.
    I agree with Prada Psycho, when you buy online anywhere else, you don't get to tell the seller, ok hold it, I'll pay you in 3 - 7 days ------ or NEVER!:cursing:
  14. This is GREAT! I've used it for a day and a half now and have had 2 auctions end and of course pay! This is the way I'm going!
  15. ITA. =)