Who uses face to face platforms? Facebook, Let it Go, etc.?

Dec 10, 2018
Wondering how people who post on Facebook and Let it Go are doing and how they are handling their interactions. Any problems? I only know a couple people who use those platforms and they say things sell really well and they have never had an issue but I am still skeptical. Plus the time commitment of having to GO SOMEWHERE seems beyond most people's schedules - maybe you've found an easier way of doing it?


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Feb 25, 2007
East Coast, USA
I've bought and sold on Craigslist.

On CL, as a seller, I list on the local CL and as a buyer, I shop from sellers in locations that are reasonable distances that I'm willing to travel. Your comment of "having to GO SOMEWHERE" being beyond most people's schedules sounds nutty to me, but perhaps that's because as a baby boomer, I'm used to finding or making time for what I want to do. Even now, I don't do most of my shopping online; I shop at B&M stores so going to meet someone to buy or sell something isn't that different.

In each case, transactions were for cash and the buyer could examine the item in person before handing over the money.

There were a few instances where I bought or sold large items that couldn't be exchanged at Dunkin Donuts or McDonald's. In those cases, I wouldn't go alone to someone's house so I wouldn't be alone when someone would come to look at the large item.

I've never had a problem but I've never done a large (megabucks) type of transaction.


Aug 31, 2014
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I have used Craiglist and FB marketplace. I don't find meeting people that hard around my work schedule. You just have to let them know what time you're available and you work it out. I've never had a problem with scheduling a pick up or drop off. I have sold stuff from small to big items. For the small ones I would usually meet at a Starbucks. Never had a problem besides the typical "I am $20 short on the price we agreed upon before coming here" people. And usually they miraculously find the missing money. :rolleyes:

For the larger items, it has been super breezy. I was helping my dad sell workout equipment out of my garage and we would have them meet at our garage and my dad/roommates would be home as well. They just inspect and pick it up no problem. Sometimes the little haggle, but again nothing to fret about.

Sometimes people look outside of their area or are super cheap and I have had a few expect me to deliver workout equipment 300 miles for half my asking price, but you will get those loony people on every selling site. I just block them like I would on any other platform.

I do not think anyone is too busy to meet up especially if one is motivated to sell/buy. I would give it a shot, I think you're overthinking the meet up part.