who uses coin purse as an actual wallet?

  1. guilty! i mean, it's so handy and doesn't occupy too much space in my bag and cute too! everything's there plus my very important keys :heart::wlae:
  2. I finally bought a big wallet. Its Elliott Lucca in yellow pebbled leather that I got from Smart Bargains for about $30. I got sick of my Coach miniskinnys eating my money. I would always have to cram everything in to make it fit. Then when I went to pay for stuff, the bills would be all crumpled up and stuck in the zipper. It drove me insane!!! :cursing:
    elliott lucca wallet.JPG
  3. I'm surprised to know someone even uses their coin purse for coins. They are bought for aesthetic reasons only whenever I buy one.
  4. I have a hot pink coin purse I bought from Aldo like four years ago and I still use it. I actually use it for my coins too since my LV wallet doesn't have any compartment for coins. I would only use my coin purse for that since I hate the smell that the coins leave on my hands and I wouldn't want it getting anywhere else.
  5. Sometimes I do when my purse is too small. I have Coach ones that fit a good amount of stuff.
  6. I use my Balenciaga coin purse to hold all those stupid rewards cards!!!
  7. I only do that if I have a small purse. I like to have my bills separated from my cards and coins.
  8. Really? Which one are you using? With all the stuff I keep in my wallet, I think it'd get too disorganized. DO you do this for everyday or just for special occasions?
  9. i do!
  10. I do! Most days. I have a couple wallets I'll mix in for good measure. But lately I've been using the Hayden Harnett Paule Marot edition coin purse- the one that has two kiss-lock compartments and a center "hidden" zip compartment. So I put coins in one compartment and cards and bills in the other. Works out great. My girl-friend was the one that turned me on to the idea. It's super if you are just running a quick errand and want something small to slide in your pocket.
  11. I used to carry a teeny wallet when I only had notes, coins and maybe a card or two, but these days I have to carry so much that it's just not practical. I have been considering getting one lately though as I have a small wallet that carries a lot of cards but has a pretty small coin section. Just can't choose which one I want!
  12. chinadoll, a fossil one w/ a pocket on the front, it's striped and cute
  13. yeah, a lot of times i'm using my balenciaga mini coin purse to fit all my money and cards...
  14. ^^^That's me too...except I'm still using mine (and fighting with it, just because I love it so much). I think I will start using my Balenciaga coin purse soon as it's bigger and I don't think I'll have the problem with the bills getting stuck in the zipper.