Who uses a KEEPALL 45 as a gym bag ?

  1. Bonjour, if you use a KEEPALL 45 as a gym bag I would like to know if it's big enough for you to put inside jogging, shoes... Merci.
    Mono, Epi or other ?
  2. My husband uses his mono for everything! When he uses it for gym, I assume everything fits and more. I'll be in your area this weekend for the F1 grand prix.
  3. I have a keepall 50 and I think it is too big for me! lol... I also have a 45 and it is just fine. it fits my shoes I wear a 13, all my clothes, both are good.
  4. I don't think Keepall is a good gym because most lockers are too small to fit in a Keepall. My Carryall fits exactly to the lockers. Unless you don't mind squishing your Keepall, then I suppose it will be alright to use that as a gym bag.

  5. I just bought a Keepall 45 and I intend to use it only as an overnight or carry-on bag. I would be so paranoid if I took it to a gym and had to lock it up in a locker - I wouldn't be able to concentrate on working out! You must have nerves of steel!
  6. I use my graffiti keepall as a gym bag
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