Who uses a coin purse chapeau as a bag charm?

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  1. I think bag charms are cute, but pretty expensive for a little 'useless' item of adornment. Does anyone use the round coin purse chapeau in vernis as a bag charm? I was thinking it might serve 2 purposes this way-adorning a plainer bag while providing easy access to change/credit cards (which apparently the new ones can hold).

    Which color would be best for a mono bag?
    How about Azur ?

    Would pomme work for both?

    DO you think it would look too clunky hanging off the bag?

    Any pics from those who have them?

  2. I don't have one, but I definately like the idea. I would love one in Rose Florentin!
  3. I have done it on my bigger bag. It looks good. I love the pomme as well. I have an orange one and purple one tha I use (I forgot the color names).
  4. I like the coin purses as bag charms!! I agree that their bag charms are WAY overpriced.
  5. I only use the coin purses for bags charms never for actual coins!
  6. I have a chapeau coin purse in pomme. I think it would look cute as a bag charm on a big bag. The coin purse is rather large--its about the size of a ZCP so it would overwhelm a smaller bag. The pomme looks great against mono. The color really pops.
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    I use my pomme vernis chapeau as a bag charm for my damier ebene NF MM b/c i think it matches the inside color of the NF. i also use it as a wrislet for my coffee runs as well. :smile:
  8. and here's a pic of the chapeau being a bag charm. :biggrin:

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  9. I own several but I think I'm done unless there is a really cute one or color that I must have. They make great bag charms or just to add a pop of color to a bag. I have the heart ones and the Rose Pop Roses.
  10. it's so big. it would hold cards/change. :smile: i may get one too!
    but i cant justify 500$ for it, i rather add and get another bag :sad:
  11. heres mine

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  12. ^^ That is so cute .. I use my rooster as a bag charm too:smile:
  13. They are not that great for holding change ( I know a change purse is not great for holding change) poor design means when you hang the purse upside down and then unzip the purse the coins fall down the sides in between the leather and the zip very silly design and therefore a waste of money in my opinion.
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    ^:true:^ I agree that I absolutely don't like the coin purse designs one bit.

    For instance, I am disappointed that the heart hangs sideways and it just looks so big and clunky. IMHO, I think they look better clipped on the inside of the D-Ring of the bag and discreetly used. That also goes for the Chapeau style too.

    I would rather get the slimmer LV leather luggage tag instead--which I have bought for most of my LV bags and totally love the subtle style it creates.

    Recently, I have purchased purse hooks like the Clipa and the Hookup that I find are way prettier as purse charms and much much more useful. :biggrin:
  15. I have the heart and use it as a charm. I also use my vernis as a charm.

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