Who understands your LV addiction??

  1. How many of you out there have friends, family, etc. that think your nuts for spending so much money on purses? Do you have someone who understands your love of purses and if so, do they support you in it?

    I guess I'll start it off:

    No one understands my love of purses, everyone in my family thinks I'm nuts and so do my friends. My hubby is the only one that somewhat understands. He doesn't think I should spend that much on a bag but he appreciates quality so he doesn't argue for long!!!!
  2. You are lucky!! My DH doesn't get it- sadly- neither do most people in my life *sigh*
  3. My hubby is supportive as he thinks it's not the worst vice to have. He does think I have a fetish. My family doesn't understand. I'm almost afraid to carry a bag around them because they always have to make a comment. I choose to spend my money on my bags so I'm learning to not care about their reactions so much.
  4. my mom definitely understands, because she's as crazy about bags as i am :biggrin:.

    my dad sort of understands, because he sees my mom bringing home new bags, and when he goes abroad for business she gives him a list of things to buy :P. plus he himself also uses a Louis Vuitton briefcase, wallet, agenda and checkbook holder, all from the Taiga line.

    my boyfriend is beginning to understand; he never did before because he doesn't care much for designer labels and he can't afford them anyway, but after i gave him a Louis Vuitton Taiga Wallet for Valentine's Day, that completely turned his head :lol:!
  5. Only my best friend and my DH understand my LV addiction. My best friend loves LVs, so that's no brainer. LVs make me really happy, so because of that DH approves :biggrin:
  6. My b/f is supportive, I think that is because i dont complain when he spends just as much money on car stuff.
    I can at least choose to use my bags all year, his car gets used from April/May until October.

    None of my friends understand my obsession, some envey the bags I have but dont say much about it either way.

  7. What a great idea--give the doubter a LV piece and boy I'll bet that changes them!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  8. yeah :lol:

    now he's in love with the Taiga Viktor messenger bag :P. it's so funny to see men drooling over a bag for a change :biggrin:
  9. My husband supports my LV addiction. He bought me my first LV bag almost two years ago and has continued to do so to this day. He even tells me which bags he thinks are nice and which bags he won't buy me because he doesn't like how they look.

    Other than him, I guess my sister kind of understands as she has a slight addiction herself. But, she sometimes can't see eye to eye on the amount of money I am willing to drop on one bag. My mother doesn't understand at all. But, she won't say anything about it, since she knows it makes me happy.
  10. Let's see...hhmm...actually just y'all understand my addiction b/c y'all are fellow addicts!!! :biggrin: Other than that, neither my husband nor my friends understand unfortunately. They think I'm :wacko: . :worried:
  11. Well..my dad definitely understands the addiction because he was the one who started my mom out with them in the 80s. He bought her the Speedy 30, Porte Tresor wallet, 4 keyholder, cles and checkbook cover.
    The only thing he doesn't understand is why we need so many new bags so often lol. But the way he says things, you can tell he's joking about it. My mom also understands because she knows what good quality the bags are so she kind of passed her addiction onto me lol.
    The rest of my family (aunts, uncles, grandma, brother, etc.) doesn't understand, and my friends don't either. But oh well.
  12. not many people understand my fetish.. passion.. uh ADDICTION. But it's getting better... they just accept it now. I don't have a bag I'm yearning for so I don't think I'll be buying anything soon. Actually, NO one really gets it. Hahaha.. it's okay though. It's all for me :smile:
  13. My husband is OK with it.... Last weekend he came with me to get my Damier Salsa, which I had showed to a friend of mine in the boutique a few days earlier. As we were walking out, she said to me "$650 for that? Are you crazy?" Perhaps so, but I have it now and I love it!
  14. No one...my aunt likes bags, but she doesn't want to pay that much, so she's trying to get a fake Duomo...I've been steering her against it. NO one at work is either...there's one lady who has a couple Kate Spades and Coach's, but no one has any authentic LV...I've seen a fake Babylone and it was HORRIBLE! It's weird carrying my LV to work sometimes because I get a lot of looks, and it makes me uncomfortable, but whatever, it's my money.

    I'm all alone in my obsession with bags, which is why I'm glad I got ya'll!!

  15. I know what you mean, I've gone back to college and I'm there with all young kids and walking in with my Manhattan PM, I feel like it's way over the top!! But, it's for me, so I guess your right, it is OUR money