Who treats their vachetta leather?

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  1. I'm not sure if there is a post like this already, sorry if there is. But I was wondering who treats their vachetta leather and if u do, what do you use to clean, moisturize and protect. Do you have any regrets after treating it?
  2. I've never treated any of my vachetta when it was new but will occasionally clean it and the canvas with some scent and alcohol-free baby wipes, allow to thoroughly dry, and then follow up with some BLMBs leather conditioner.
  3. Thx u for ur insight. Do u find the Lmb conditioner leaves ur vachetta supple and soft? I ordered one and my plan was to use it on my 5 year old purse straps (along with the cleaner). I have apple guarde too but for some reason I was more inclined to want to use lmb products.
  4. Yes, the leather is well-conditioned so I haven't had any issues with dry, cracking, or fraying leather, even around the attaching hardware. I've used BLMBs on a 2 year old Delightful to a 18 year old Speedy and everything in between and am always happy with the results.
  5. I used Kiwi spray to help protect it (I spray away from it first to make sure it's misting evenly then turn to spray the vachetta). I have used LMB but it darkens the vachetta and part of what I'm trying to protect/reduce is the darkness of the patina.
  6. +1. I have had great results treating brand new vachetta (and cleaning older vachetta) with LMB products.
  7. I have sprayed some and not touched others.
    I have learned to leave the vachetta alone to get that honey cognac color, not just dark brown. Also I've learned that cleaners and conditioners really change the leather, and gives a completely different finish.

    If the bag is dirty I'll dampen a white clean/new sock and squeeze out allll the water and go over all the vachetta. Let it dry for a day or night and buff over with the sock partner. The base patina has to be there for it to work though!!
    I'm really liking the patina champ method that was described so well here on TPF. So happy I read that thread:smile: I did my Noe BB 2 nights ago and won't clean her like that untill 3 months of use:smile:
  8. I have sprayed Apple guard on two bags so far. I think it works well cause once somebody splashed some water on my handle and didn't leave a water mark. But I in general am inclined to not treat the vachatte. I want it to be all natural and I want a nice patina fast

  9. What's that method or where is the post? Would you mind share with us your experience in more details?
  10. http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-faqs/the-patina-champ-is-here-815007.html

    Here you go:smile:)
  11. 2nd, Kiwi is great and I'll use it on any new bag.
  12. U guys are awesome. Thxs for all ur thoughts on this and sharing!
  13. Thanks so much! Appreciate it!
  14. My pleasure!!!!:smile:
  15. I started my Saturday night bag spa treatment with LMB. I did the cleanser and the protection (anyone know if this harmful to the canvas? I couldn't avoid the canvas when doing the trim- the directions said cleanser was fine for canvas but no mention of the protection) waiting 24 hours to moisturize the vachetta. The first 2 steps went well. No discoloration, although it did clean it, some marks were left, but lessened. Will do update tomorrow when all steps are complete.