Who to Deal with at BalNY?

  1. I spoke with an SA today, didn't get her name but she wasn't the most helpful. She just said she didn't know what they were getting or when they were getting it and there was no waiting list for the bag I want. That was the end of it.

    Can someone recommend an SA to deal with in the future?
  2. Call Joseph! He is the best!
  3. I worked with Daphne and she was very helpful.
  4. Joseph, Kim, and Daphne all seem to have great reputations here.
  5. Call Kim, she's great!
  6. This woman had a foreign accent, might that be Daphne?
  7. daphne's my girl & she's lovely & doesn't have an accent :tender:
  8. I like Daphne, Joseph and Sarah at BalNY, all of them have been wonderful at answering my questions and helping me out numerous times!
  9. daphne, joseph & sarah are all wonderful :love: (i've never actually worked with joseph, but i've met him & heard great things from PFers)...kim's a doll too & always helps me when daphne's not around :tender:
  10. Joseph is a doll, and has picked out three gorgeous bags for me.
  11. Kim is the best.
  12. Thanks for the recommendations. The nicest girl sold me a first there last year and I found my receipt but unfortunately her name was not on it, just a number.
    Does anyone know who 91792 might be?:shrugs:
  13. hmmmmmmmm, i'm not sure, my last purchase was with daphne & she's got a different number...maybe it was kim or sarah (?) :shrugs:
  14. I called the store and Joseph was great, and when I went in, Sarah was awesome, didn't meet Joseph. But Sarah brought out every single black first so I could see the differences in the leather. I :heart: Sarah! plus she's a total cutie.
  15. mine is daisy and she's really nice and helpful :yes: . it's funni that when i called her today to add "smooth" to the list of specs i want for my rouge vif city.. she actually asked me if i was from the purse blog :lol: