Who thinks we should have a Rebecca Minkoff foru?


Who thinks we should have a Rebecca Minkoff forum?

  1. Yes, count me in!

  2. No, I don't think she's that popular yet

  3. Mmmm.....maybe

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm usually lurking around in the Balenciaga forum and have recently stumbled upon Rebecca Minkoff through the Handbags & Purses forum and have been drooling over everyone's "hot" bag that I broke my ban and purchased a Mini Morning After last night. Since there seems to be a lot of us who loves her bags, including Megs, I thought wouldn't it be a lot easier to have a RM forum so that we can see everyone's bag, chat about the new bags, a clubhouse, etc. rather than having to search for a thread about it? What do all think? Maybe we can have Megs or Vlad create one and Megs can be a Mod since she has already purchased some RM bags and also interviewed her?:woohoo:
  2. I'm in! I would love a RM forum. It's hard keeping up with the posts all scattered around.

    But they may say that all these posts lately are fueled by the sample sale and Nordstrom sale, and things will probably settle down. I don't know, though - I think RM has staying power, especially with an exciting new spring line coming out.
  3. I totally think that RM should have a forum and Hayden-Harnett...both fantastic designers with def. staying power!!
  4. I definately think RM should have a forum as well. I know there is alot of hype because of the Sample Sale and all but, alot of people were talking about it before the Sale hit.
  5. Whats the big hype over her? Because a celebrity wears her bags? just wondering
  6. lol It has nothing to do with a celebrity wearing her bags, I just love the look and quality of the bags : )
  7. ^^ I agree! I only visit the Balenciaga and LV forums and yet there are forums dedicated to other designers that have not managed to catch my interest. I just thought that it would be easier to have all the RM discussions in one place rather than looking at 10 different threads and plus I love the way her bags look! All that yummy leather:drool:
  8. I would love to have a RM subforum (and one for Hayden-Harnett), but I don't think that should happen until she's a household name like the others. Or at least up to Kooba-levels of known-ness.
  9. I can understand not wanted to have a subforum for every single designer, because then the forum would be cluttered with too many links. Maybe we could have a subforum for popular but less well-known designers (Rebecca Minkoff, HH, Bulga, Tano, Gryson) and then in that subforum have different sub-sub-forums for each?

    While we're on it, we should also have a subforum dedicated to retail stores with handbag lines, like Cole Haan, Theory, and Banana Republic.
  10. I love Rebecca Minkoff, and I own wayyy too many of her bags. Speaking in practical terms though, I dont think there is a need for a seperate forum. So far, the only three bags that have hit it big are the Matinee, the Nikki, and th Morning After...not really enough to support heavy forum discussion. Marc Jacobs, for example, has dozens of bags and accessories, the point being that there is a lot to talk about when it comes to his line.

    In regard to Rebecca Minkoff becoming a household name..I would actually not want that to happen. I know Lilo and the Jessicas love RM bags and that brings about a lot of publicity, but the fact that not very many "regular chicks" know about the brand and its rare to see another woman carrying an RM bag makes it all the more appealing to me.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing a sub forum. I love my get away and kiss & make up clutches!
  12. I love Rebecca Minkoff but if there are subforums for each brand, what will we talk about here? ;)

  13. :lol::lol::lol:
  14. Thanks for the input ladies! That's the reason why I opened a poll so that I can bounce the idea off of you and see what you think. I think GUNG is correct in that there are only 3 of her bags that are popular compared to the others in her line but I love the idea of a subforum. Like I said in my second post, I thought it would be easier to have it in one place rather than having to search for a thread.....just a thought:idea:
  15. yes yes yes!!!