Who Thinks They Have The Prettiest Red Bag????

  1. Please let me see your red bags. I want one this year but I am really picky about the color red, style, everything. Help.

    Please show me yours. Thank you,:heart: thank you.
  2. this is not my bag, i chanced upon the pic in a local site.
    hoping that you may like it as much as I do. :love:
    I have been looking for a red chanel bag too.

    experts, pls help me to ID it
    how much will this be?


  3. I really love it!!! Maybe it will be the one,:yahoo: but I really want to see lots of other styles. Many thanks
  4. It is the most beautiful red bag I have ever seen. Drooling...
  5. Red Classic Flap

    Hil, I too am searching for the perfect red Chanel :cry:
  6. I have to say I really love my bordeaux diamond shine flap with silver hardware. I have not learned how to get pictures up here yet, but I need to because it really is beautiful.
  7. I am also searching for the perfect red bag. I would love the lambskin medium classic with silver HW:love: :love: .
  8. Me too :love:
  9. I have the red modern chain tote (smaller size) and to me it is the perfect red, "everyday" bag. Not too dressy, plenty of room and a fantastic shade of red!
  10. That red Chanel flap is beautiful. I need something in red too.
  11. here is mine in the medium-large size (A0112) in caviar leather. i went through ALOT of trouble and drama for this bag so she means alot! :heart:

    note: it is not patent i know all the light is making it look shiny in the pic. it is definitely matte :yes:

    according to Stacey from Chanel customer care, the colour is a continuum of a 2003 timeless classic bag. the colour code is 91759RED if anyone is interested.

  12. OMG, my jaws literally dropped at the sight of that Red Caviar Flap. I never imagined red CAVIAR could be this pretty! I could drop dead and go to heaven if the SS '07 red caviar turns out like this. Love that shade of red!
  13. I'll post a pick of mine tomorrow... (camera's in the car, and I'm tooooooo tired to get it).

  14. The color code for the red for SS2007 is different from the one that frayed posted for her red bag. I'm definitely getting a red classic flap from SS2007.:yahoo:

    Here's my newest red bag - Louis Vuitton Pomme D'Amour Vernis Leather (you didn't say it had to be Chanel:p ):
    Mons Roxbury Inside 001.jpg Mons Roxbury Inside 002.jpg
  15. omg ladies now i have to add a red bag to my "want list"