Who thinks I should splurge...and get a Bedford??

  1. Hey everyone!! :biggrin:

    This Saturday I’m scheduled for a trip to LV :yahoo:

    So far, I’m about 85% sure I’ll be leaving with a Bedford (in Framboise :drool:…..or maybe Perle…) but I was just wondering…

    Is this bag practical? Since, I have my speedy for everyday use, I’m only really after a bag for times when I want to feel a little bit ‘special’ – and I think a framboise Bedford would totally achieve this (I :heart: pink!)

    If anyone’s a proud owner of a Bedford, pictures of you modelling/showing off your beauty would be very much appreciated.

    All comments welcome too!! TIA :flowers:
  2. perle would be nice...
  3. You should DEFINITELY splurge! Love the bedford! Just curious, why not pomme? But Framboise and Perle are equally beautiful!
  4. ooh you certainly would feel special with a framboise bedford on your arm! a real summer bag too i think :smile:
  5. Perle, framboise and pomme are all tdf color for vernis, enjoy ur stay in lv store!
  6. Go for it!! The Bedford is such a gorgeous bag, I love it. It will look pretty in any color.
  7. ChenChen in response to your question about me not adding Pomme to the Framboise/Perle equation...well, I have a cles in Pomme, and I'm also considering an inclusion piece/agenda/or something else small in it. Pomme is a GORGEOUS colour, I'll admit, but I can't see me ever using a bedford in it. It wouldn't really match my wardrobe, and I think a big piece would look too colour-rich for me....but still....vernis colours are all equally as drool-worthy!! :yes:
  8. I used to really like this bag but as soon as I got to the store and played around with the zipper, I was sooooooooooooo turned off cuz the opening's REALLY stiff and hard. You scratch your hand everytime and you must make sure that what you put into the bedford isn't too thick so that it can fit into the opening of the bag........ way too much trouble.... I hate it when I need to pay for something and whatever I'm searching for doesn't come out and I make 20 other people behind me wait... very embarrassing... so a bedford is a no go for me..... However, if you don't mind all the trouble, then of course buy it, totally your choice :yes:
  9. Yes to the Bedford!
  10. It's a cute bag, but I have to agree with CEC, it's a pain to get into.
    I think you should try it out & if it works for you then def get one just because it's so dang cute... esp. in pink !!
  11. [​IMG]I love the shape of bedford..but I prefer something with bigger opening...Like the houston or brentwood for example. I agree with Cec.LV4eva on the zipper part. The zipper will scratch your hand...lol :p Between Framboise & perle...get Framboise, the color is absolutely stunning!!! You will have to worry about color transfer with Perle..but not as much with framboise. I have attached pictures of my houston (sorry, don't have the bedford...but you can see how beautiful the pink is...I think it's much better than the red as I think the pomme is too dark) :yes: [​IMG]
  12. I would get the Bedford in Framboise... it's SUCH a pretty color! If you want to see modeling pics of PF'ers and their Bedfords, you can look in the Visual Aids thread and seach under "Bedford". ;)
  13. framboise bedford for sures! it is really the only vuitton bag that i have fallen totally in love with...i got mine when it came out and ...haven't really used it since..it is just a beautiful bag though, i made a resolution to bring it out this spring/summer.
  14. Definitely Framboise Vernis if you love pink. I think you can go wrong with any Vernis color. Have fun at LV!

  15. framboise is TDF FOR SURE!!!!!!!!! get it!