***Who thinks I should buy a cerises pochette??***

  1. When I first saw this bag (long after it was discontinued) I knew it was a match made in heaven :heart:

    I didn't think I'd be able to find a 'new' one though (all the ones I've come across lately have been used or pre-loved), so I bought a regular mono pochette and cast the cerises to the back of my mind...

    It seems a 'new' one has just popped up on eBay though for around £300 ($580 USD) and now I'm beginning to consider it. Is that price way over original retail, or about right (considering it's been discontinued for a while now)??

    Would it be pointless to own a regular mono pochette and a cerises pochette? Maybe I should consider an azur pochette....or a lexington....

  2. def an azur one it's cuter, but if you still craving for a cerises theres one on let-trade.com
  3. I like a lexington best of all the pochette styles you mentioned and a mono pochette is a staple that everyone needs. I am not a fan of the cerise pochette and the azur is nice for spring/summer or with the right outfit. I also think 580 for a pochette is just soooooooo much money and could never pay that much myself, I'd rather add a little more to it and get a full size speedy for that price!
  4. I like a cerise bucket and on eBay they are priced really right. Last week I saw two authentic ones go for 800 and 700!!! And those sometimes come w/ a pochette, so for like a 1000 you can get both. I have seen many auctions for a grand for both, seems worth it to me.
  5. i like the cerises pochette too...but I think it's odd to have two "mono" pochettes...I say buy the cerise pochette, and see how it fairs in your wardrobe or bag collection with the mono pochette - you might not want to use your cerise as much as your mono because of the cerise screen print (like you might want it for more special occasions, kwim?!!?), if you find it's too much of the same bag you can always sell your mono and keep the cerise since it's a LE.

    I like azur...if you decide not to get a cerise.
  6. I hate being so indecisive!!

    On the one hand, I really like how it's mono with a twist, but then on the other....I already have a mono which I paid £195 for (extender included) - and I kinda know...in my heart of hearts that the reg. mono would be abandoned if I got the cerises!! What a waste of money that would be!!

    Another thing that sways me is that fact that in some ways....I suppose it would kinda upset/annoy me knowing I bought a bag from eBay (since I told myself from day one that I'd always buy everything brand new from the store, so I could break it in myself - if you get me??)

    Oh I just don't know!!!
  7. Some things you just can't get from the store, esp if you weren't into LV at that time (myself included.) I just LOVE the cerises pochette, and even though I got it from ebay, with lots of help from the authenticate board here, thanks guys, it's brand new to me and makes me happy everytime I take it out. As previously mentioned you can always sell your mono, tons of lucky people would be happy to get it.
  8. Thanks everyone!! You've all made some valid points so far :yes:

    Maybe if I really, REALLY wanted it though I'd have already hit the BIN button....£300 is alot for me to pay for a pochette though (I am 17 with severe lack of funds...hah), hence why I've always put off the lexington!! I just don't know if I can justify having two of (basically) the same thing...
  9. I have both the Azur and Cerises pochette, and I've only carried the Cerises about a handful of times. Love them both though, I think I have more love for the Azur pochette though. Good luck with ur decision!
  10. Me thinks you should!! I have one and thinks its totally cute, get compliments everytime i uses it. :love:
  11. I don't think it's pointless...I have at least 10 pochettes of different styles including mono, cerises and azur.
    I'd get the cerises. :yes: