Who Thinks Brad Pitt Looks Like Robert Redford in This Pic ?

  1. [​IMG]
    Robert Redford's predecessor? Brad Pitt's slick look at Cannes is reminiscent of Redford's suave appearance in 1974's 'The Great Gatsby'

    Here in this pic they look very similar dont you think ? :smile:

    Of coarse maybe not now !
  2. Oh wow!!!
  3. Goodness yes, shape of face is identical!
  4. honestly, i always thought redford was alittle too meterosexual for me..to me he looks sooo into his appearance, which is a total turn off to me..too girly!! and now its confirmed for me bc brad was giving me that same vibe!!

    idk some men like Becks can pull it off but these two strike me as 100% frilly
  5. They do look alike. Thanks Prada for posting. I always thought that Brad was so hot but I am not really feeling the slicked back-side part.
  6. I've always thought that they look very similar to each other, ever since I saw the Legends of the Fall.;)
  7. Most definitely!
  8. I do!OMG!
  9. yep!! Very similar facial expressions!
  10. oh yeah I always thought he resembled him after seeing Meet Joe Black.:yes:
  11. When i watched Spy Game i thought that the two of them could have been father and son. Robert Redford has not aged well though IMO. But he was better looking then Brad when he was younger.
  12. Wow, I wonder if it's just a coincidence.
  13. YES! Brad looks very suave lol.
  14. Wow...they look so much alike!!:yes:
  15. Both are hot!