who the heck is Rockerchic?

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  1. awesome name, love it!
  2. woohoo.... love your new screenname
  3. Great name...party on!!!
  4. Stacy! you are soooooooooo cute!! great way to go with your alter ego!! have fun with it! wear a blonde wig...go nuts! lol!!! :graucho:
  5. I love your new name!
  6. Rock on!!
  7. teehee. at least you didn't change your avatar! Rockin' new name =)
  8. love ur new nick ;)
  9. Actually next to Chanel, balenciaga is my fav! I have several of the moto bags:love: ...the Chanel subforum has sort of become my home although I peek at the bbag one once in awhile!

    Thanks all for indulging my mid-life crisis fantasy!:supacool:
  10. ^^^I also love B-bags but recently have become Chanel-obsessed. I will look for you in the B-bag forum too!
  11. You're cute.
  12. heheh cute!
  13. lol, love the new name!
  14. Your old name always reminded me of R2D2, don't ask why.lol.
  15. ooo i love the name, love the avitar too