who the heck is Rockerchic?

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  1. It's me!!! Formerly macp6 which i thought was way too boring and reminded me of work. It has been my Work id forever and since this was my first blog, i didn't realize that everyone would know me as macp6...you would have thought i'd learn after ebay...
    Anyway I wanted a cool new name like swanky and smooth so I am going with my alter ego, Rockerchic!! (Which makes me smile because I am really just a regular old mommy irl)!
  2. SO chic! I was wondering what this thread was going to be about!

    LOVE it!
  3. Cool new name!
  4. Don't change your avatar for a while though! K?
  5. I love it! I had no idea we were able to change names. This is a great one!
  6. Oh neat!
  7. Deal!! Can never see enough of my little girls:love:
  8. i love it !!
  9. Love your new name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I'll always know you as the mild-mannered Stacy with the Chanel obsession.:nuts:
  11. New name, to talk about new handbags...love it! Perfect for the start of a new season, lol...
  12. :supacool: I am diggin' this new Rockerchic image!!...Must be because I have been carrying my black MC bag for the last few days....
    but, don't worry all, still your same old, mild-mannered Stacy:shame:
  13. lolz Rockerchic! I thought the avatar looked so FAMILIAR when i read your posts about the BABY CABAS :lol: Then I thought it was all in my imagination until i saw this post. (I usually read the shopping sub-forum before the main forum) :shame:
  14. Just like Madonna! I'll reinvent myself with each new Chanel ligne...This is my Baby Cabas/ Cruise ligne image:rochard:
  15. ^^^I like the idea of reinventing--perhaps I will come up with something to replace my boring user name too! With your new name and cool rocker attitude I kind of expect to see you on the Balenciaga forum checking out the moto bags...