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  1. Hi everyone! I've posted but haven't properly introduced myself. I'm from the Boston area. I came across this forum while looking for information on the Gucci horsebit hobo. I like Gucci, Chloe, and Coach. Soon they'll be an LV store opening in my hometown! Yay! :yes:
  2. Hi Everyone! My name is Jennifer and I am new to the site. I have never really been a "blogger" but recently got into the purse blogs because I have an addiction to purses. I grew up all over the place, I have lived on the East Coast and am currently living on the west coast. I do consulting work which always puts me in a new city or state which I love because I always have the chance to shop somewhere new! I love all bags from Gucci to Chanel to Bulga and my new obsession is Moni Moni handbags!

    I look foward to chatting with you all :smile:
  3. Hello all! I'm just here looking and learning. I thought it a fun idea, a purse blog. Not my idea, but fun and I wish I had thought of it. Anyhow, I am a "certified bag hag." I have alot of good bags and a few really good bags (none over $750 until my daughter goes to college and stops mooching off me. She's 13.LOL) but the purses i dream for are unattainable w/out the aid of an ENORMOUS & totally unexpected inheritance to make my move. I love what I have but I want what I want. "SIGH." I have several Coach bags, Micheal Kors (lg. astor and roadie) and a gorgeous Ralph Lauren and 2 Douney & Bourke leather satchels (only recently did I begin to like some of the D&B styles) Sme others I should be remembering but can't at this moment. I'm ALWAYS looking for the next one. Even before I've made it to the car with my latest fix I am planning ahead the next bag I want. I know I'm among people who relate to that (compulsion? obsession?) feeling....never quite reaching satisfaction. just a thrill, a taste and more desire. I know I'll never be at a place where I'm done w/ purses. (If I am I have lost the will to live and should be closely monitored for my own safety) SO, I continue the quest and ignore the rantings of outsiders who "think I have enough Purses." To those non believers,practical and smug with their "retirement funds," instead of "bag funds," I say: until I have all the hermes, YSL, Gucci,or Chanel bags I lust for & there are no more bags designed for me to dream of,and the world runs out of purse making materials, until that day, I will NEVER HAVE ENOUGH PURSES. No way, no day. I'll eat cat food when I'm old. I'm buying bags now while I'm young enough to look good with them. I absolutely believe their is a place in this life for investment bags. I don't know if that is a real term or just my term for the Hermes vintage Kelly croc bag. That's the holy graile for me. Purse Paradise. If I achieve such nirvana I will be entombed with the bag. I do not trust anyone I know to appreciate or love it as I do. I can't spend eternity wondering who's caring for my purse.* I Shudder and get emotional at the thought. Bye for now all & Thanks for indulging me.

    *please note: my signature is facetious and should NOT to be taken as literal conceit. Just a joke. LOL?
  4. Holy Mother of Pete. First, I frogot to introduce myself. I'm Shelly, 32 years old, live in Texas. Not the fashion capital of the globe or the model of sophistication but please don't hold it against me. The state is big, the people are nice and friendly and we have alot of room to roam. But there's nowhere to go. Not LOL.
    In my haste posting before I forgot the most valuable (dollar wise) bag I own, a Louis Vuitton. It is unforgivable not to know it's model name but it is not one I bought for myself(obviously, over my limit) my mom bought it for me 3yrs ago. It is the only LV i ever fell in love with. It's a signature style monogram but I will post a description on another thread to find out what her name is. Thanks again.
  5. Hey everybody i am tiffany and i am from the Atlanta i luv designer bags i just i would love to get the new lv speedy in gold can anybody tell me where u can get from for the cheapest amount even if its in another country
    thanks everybody
  6. Hello

    My name is Jen. Married 1 yr in Feb. Mother of two grown daughters. I am an auto broker and fitness instructor. I have never joined a fourm before. After looking at the threads, it seems to be quite a social group. Girls club. I look forward to talking with everyone. Thanks for the welcome.
  7. Hi, Terry here. I am new at this. I am a closet LV fan. I do not use handbags but I do buy them. Over the years, I have purchased 5 bags and 7 wallets. All sitting in my closet collecting dust:smile: I am a new mom so I am stuck at home nowadays. I want to add a Marc Jacobs bag to my collect. Just wondering where I can buy one on-line from a legit site. Many Thanks, Terry
  8. Hello! This site is great!! I found it while looking for info on a bag that I wanted. My obsession began a few years ago with a vacation to Hawaii and a trip to the LV there, it hasn't stopped since :yes: My faves are LV (of course!) and Gucci. See ya around!!
  9. Hi! I'm Katie from New York.

    I just quit my job to go to Grad School full time so I won't be making any major handbag purchases until I graduate :smartass: and get a job again. But I am finding very useful info on this site for when i have money again! I've also been admiring many of your collections!
  10. JoDee here--Dallas, Texas. I'm a Chloe addict. I appreciate your hospitality and look forward to the helpful information. Muchos Gracias!
  11. Hi my name is geebs... and I don't have a purse addiction [yet] :biggrin:

    I am currently obsessed with designer denim and have now taken an interest in designer handbags. I have a couple of coach items but that's about it. I am looking into buying my first designer handbag sometime soon and hope that this forum will help with that. Nice meeting you all. :smile: -geebs
  12. :idea: Hello,

    I'm new to the purse forums and excited to be a part of a group that loves handbags as much as I. I'm a wife of 11 years and a mom of three who balances family, career and shopping. The most important thing to me is my husband and family and second the love of fashion.

    I look forward to learning more about each of you and the craziness we are fall prey of when we covet fashion,

    Chow, baby!
  13. Welcome to the PF!!
  14. Hello everyone!

    I'm from Perth in Western Australia in well.....Australia. I'm a 25 yo gal who just has a lusting after everything Louis Vuitton. I currently have 7 bags and 3 wallts/purses. I'm currently working in the mining industry with all the burly boys so when I fly into the city again it's straight to my fave dayspa for a manicure, pedicure and a facial. It's the quickest way to feel feminin again! I would love to hear from other people who adore the true craftsmanship that goes into these stunning bags. So if you love LV we already ahve something to talk about!
  15. hi,everybody,I am from guangzhou,china,hope to make friends with all of you
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