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Mar 16, 1980
Welcome to tPF, Megs, our mods and myself are delighted to have you here.

If you would like, you can use this discussion thread to introduce yourself to the community. Tell us a little about yourself, your passions, your favorite brands, anything you feel comfortable sharing!

Should you have questions regarding particular brands or items, please direct them to the appropriate forums. This thread is for introduction only!

As for myself, my name is Vlad(imir) and I am the technical mind behind The Purse Blog. Megs and myself created this handbag fansite coincidentally in March 2005... my woman wanted her own website and I set it up for her. The rest is history.

I am a sucker for LV, my man bag collection is growing slowly but steadily. Should you have any requests or questions, don't hesitate to send me a Private Message and I will do my best to help you out.
My turn! My name is Megs and if you ask my parents I've been a fashion addict from birth. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and my family lived there for about 3 years. Then we moved to Miami which is where I spent most of my time growing up. In 1992 my family lost our house in Hurricane Andrew (hence I can relate with the victims of Katrina) and soon after we were relocated to Sarasota, FL. That was for a short while because after, another move to Ft. Lauderdale! Ft. Lauderdale is my true home, at least to me, and I spent all of high school here. After that I went to college at The Ohio State University which is where I met Vlad, the love of my life, and taught him a thing or two on fashion. Right now I'm living all over the place beofre I decide if I want to move on to my PhD program. Let's see- what else- I have an older sister and two younger brothers- and the best dog in the world, Nitro, a black lab. In my spare time I'm actually a surger girl- I started surging (waves not the net :toung: ) when I was in 7th-8th grade and just loved it. Shopping has been the end of me since I was young enough to walk- just ask my parents. And after my possible PhD is done, I plan to move back to Ft.Lauderdale. I love it here! :biggrin:
It's my turn now! My name is Teresa but I usually use the nickname 'Superqueen' (I chose it while listening to Smashing Pumpkins' 'Stumbleine' several years ago). I'm 31 years old, I have got married two years ago and I have no children yet. I live in the North-East of Italy and I am an English teacher. I have an older sister (she is a teacher, too, and she teacher Art at high-school) and a fantastic 2-year-old niece. I have always loved fashion (and fashion photography, in particular), so I try to keep up with all the latest trends. I am not really a fashion victim (I do not wear low-waisted jeans because they are fashionable, for example), but I like to experiment with what I find in my closet, especially vintage clothes! During my spare time, I like writing on my web-log and writing short stories, I love listening to music, going to the cinema and reading novels (my favourite writer is Stephen King, I even wrote my thesis about him). My husband and I love cooking, too!
Ok, I do not want to annoy you with some other personal info. I love it here, too! :smile:
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Me next! :smile: I live in Hawaii, which most people would assume rocks...but it doesn't! I swear living in a place where the tourist to resident ratio is 6 to 1 does have its drawbacks. However, the awesome thing is all the wonderful malls/boutiques they set up for them though :love: Honolulu wouldn't have half the designer stores it does if tourists weren't populating it 24/7. They wouldn't keep it open for the one bag or w/e it is a week that I buy, thats for damn sure :cry:

I was adopted by my grandmother and have lived in Hawaii most of my life. I moved away to go to Marymount College in CA and also moved to FL for a few months to live with an x-bf. I'm on the continent at least a few times a year to go shopping and go to Vegas though :smile: So until I go away to law school for a JD-PHD (hopefully by next year or the following), I get my "mainland" fix quite regularly :biggrin:
It is great to finally learn more about the faithful followers of "The Purse Blog" I live in Louisiana and fortunately far enough north to not have lost my home. We do have many families that are becoming a part of our community now. Well, enough about that. I work as an office manager for a Financial Planner and love meeting new people. I am the mother of 4 wonderful children, 2 boys and 2 girls. My girls are already as bad as their mother when it comes to bags and shoes. I am raising them right! :amuse: My husband of 18 wonderful years :love: is as understanding as any guy when it comes to spending $$$$ on bags. :amazed: It has become a joke in our home when I mention seeing a new bag that I NEED ;) .
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Me! Me! Me! My turn! I'm Heather. I live in Manhattan and couldn't think of living anywhere else. I'm married 15 years next month (with the guy for 7 more than that -- met him when I was 4 -- just kidding). We have two children. My beautiful son is 10, my gorgeous daughter is 5. I have an accessories fixation -- shoes and bags. I've recently started organizing them with labels and designating shelving and I get a more than a little weird thrill from that!

I like designer bags and I won't go faux. Manhattan has vendors on every corner selling knock-offs but I won't do that. I also try to stay away from bags that are knocked-off so much that you can never tell who has the real and who has the copy.

Fall is my favorite fashion season. When you start to add layers, you can wear MORE stuff at one time. What more could you want!

Can't wait to be a part of this forum.

Hi! I'm Kojiko! I'm a designer bag addict. LOL

I'm 19 years old. Currently a nursing student. I like Gucci, Dior, LV, Prada, and Fendi. LOVE Loewe & Balenciaga! I humbly drive a Lexus Es330 my parents gave me. I want (yearn) to establish myself in my upcoming nursing career. :smile:

My current favorite bag in my closet is my red Fendi Zucchino Mamma Baguette (No NOT the Zucca!!! EKK!). It changes every other week. I want to get a Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag for my 19th birthday (next month). The keyword is want. Get? I dunno... LOL I hope ;)
Hi! It's Maureen. I don't have very much to say about myself. I'm 20 and pursuing an English degree, and I'm interested in communications and PR work. I don't wear expensive clothes, but I have an obsession with designer accessories (sunglasses, bags, wallets, shoes).

I only have a small collection of accessories, which I hope to expand soon! My latest addition is a red Epi wallet from Louis Vuitton.
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I don't think I've introduced myself yet, so here it goes...Hello friends! I'm an elementary school teacher from Orange County, CA. Third year teaching the little ones and next year will be moving back to Houston, TX. My entire family is there. Will be getting married in Mar.2007 to my highschool sweetheart & we're in the process of buying our first home, in Houston. I have a weakness for handbags&shoes mostly. I've been spoiled with designer bags ever since I can remember. My first designer bag was Gucci. For my 8th grade dance, my bought me the small size lambskin black Chanel bag. When I got to highschool, my purse collection already included LV, Gucci, Chanel, Fendi and yes! I had 2 Dooney&Bourke all weather leather bags!! I'm not a fan of Dooney anymore:smile: Well, how can I get a profile pic. up??
my name i Olimpia, and I am 20 years old. I am a Journalism major, with a minor in Spanish lit. I love this forum! I love purses, and shoes. My collection is not that big, but as of right now it is expanding very fast. My favorite designers are LV, Dior, Isabella Fiore, and the list continues.
Megs, and Vlad, keep up yhe good work!
ok here i go:
it's pretty late here, so i'll keep it short. my name is julia, i'm 22 yrs. old. i live in vienna/austria and i'm an english major. and i'm a sucker for chanel and gucci. plus i'm addicted to the smell of new handbags. best smell in the world :smile:
Hello am Heaven and i am from philly with two kids I Love to shop , i have come to realize I am a shop-a-holic : )..........As far as bag , I buy all kind. From $5- to $1000.
If i like it i buy it or have some one buy iT for me. So i look forward to speaking to u ladies (and GENTS if any )

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Hi,Rosanna Hope Here, I am a new handbag designer and it looks like a little older than most of the gals and guy on this chat, but also have always loved fashion, color and especially beautiful textured fabrics. Before designing the purses for Rosanna Hope Designs, I created some luxurious hats for the Kentucky Derby for 5 years and before that I had a Gourmet Shop in Chicago for 12 years called Yummy Gram. I now live on a sheep farm in central Minnesota, where I have my wonderful studio and work with the fibers from the sheep. During the winter I spend several months in Miami Beach and especially love the tropical inspiration for my bags. So I am very lucky to have both of the lovely places to design and work. I have three grown daughters, two in New York and one in Vail Colorado. If I tell you I have been married for 41 years, I am afraid it is going to give away my age, but I am pretty fortunate to have this great family! Love this site and all the amazing feed back I have gotton from my web site this week, Thanks so much. Rosanna
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