Who takes their pets with them to work?

  1. I am VERY lucky I have been able to take my baby with me to my last 2 jobs. Actually he helped me get my current job. When I called for an interview I mentioned that the hardest part of leaving is that I get to bring my dog with me. She asked me what kind of dog I have and I answered a long hair Chihuahua and she replied she also brings her Chi to work everyday and that I have to bring mine to the interview to see if they get along. And of course they get along great.

    As soon as he gets to the office he chooses one of his 4 beds and I don't see him until I have to drag him out for his afternoon walk (he is VERY lazy) Besides taking him to work I take him just about everywhere. He is also VERY spoiled.
  2. i wish i could take my pet to my old job :/

    <-- I WISH i could bring my chi to school, but for some reason that's not allowed ... which isnt fair b/c my teacher breeds/trains border collies and during midterms, his dog was sitting in the front row

    if you don't mind me asking, what/where is your work? not being nosy, just curious b/c i would LOVE a job where i could bring my faye along :]
  3. You are so lucky being able to take him to work! He is adorable! :yes:
  4. At my old job I was allowed to, we had a huge stock room and I just laid out pillows for him. I worked at a bed linen store, so there were plenty of those laying around.
  5. if you don't mind me asking, what/where is your work? not being nosy, just curious b/c i would LOVE a job where i could bring my faye along :][/quote]

    I work in a small office. It is a husband and wife team. A lot of times I am completely by myself in the office. He runs an Apple Computer consulting company so he is hardly ever in the office and her company does graphics and editing type stuff for the entertainment industry. Like I said before they also bring their Chi with them. I got to bring him with me from my first day there. (3 years ago)

    My job before this one for the first few months there, I did not bring him. It was also a pretty small office. Also a husband and wife team. There were about 10 other employee's. I would just talk about him ALL THE TIME and one day the wife said I could bring him one Friday a month. So the next Friday she said I could bring him again she did not want to wait a full month to see him. She missed him. Then pretty soon she started missing him so much I was told I could bring him 3 times a week and within a few weeks everyone missed him when he was not there and I was told I bring him everyday. It took about a 2 months to get to that point of being able to bring him every day. I was there for about 4 1/2 years. Sammy just turned 8 so for 7 1/2 years of his life he has been with me every day.

    My husband could also bring Sammy to work with him if he wanted. He works at an Animal Hospital but Sammy would have to be in a cage and he HATES it there. He actually used to take him with him when he was a puppy before I started taking him with me everyday.
  6. I am so jealous!! It would be AWESOME if I could take my little Chis to work with me (LOL When I get a job in May/June, that is!) :smile:
  7. I used to always take my furbabies to work with me but now its too busy and I've had to leave them home:crybaby:
  8. awww Thats so cute!! I wish i had another chi for my Oliver to play with..he loves other chi's most especially! he's a long haired too:love:
  9. Well, I work from home, so I do have my dogs with me. They are really happy with this arrangement!!!
  10. That's so awesome about your work!! I wish I could bring my Zoë to work with me too...coz I miss her soooo much!
  11. I know there are some people out there with allergies to doggies (however few)... but being able to bring a doggie to work with me would be incredible and help my productivity!! Of course I would have to get a dog first, but I certainly want one!
  12. Awww...that's so cute that you can bring your chi to work with you. My doggie is a bit too hyper and excitable and therefore, would not be work friendly. I think he'd end up driving everyone mad before the day was over.:lol:
  13. I used to occasionally when I worked in a garden center part-time. But now that I don't work, we all stay home together.

    I did take one of my dogs with me to the car wash today. It's the kind you drive through and stay inside the car. She was confused but was glad to have some special time with her mommy!
  14. I do a lot of work at home so I get to be with my baby. But quite often she ignores me and goes in the living room and takes a nap on the sofa. I sometimes can work on the computer with her in my lap IF she'll lay down. But she sometimes likes to stand up and balance on the edge of my knee so that obviously doesn't work. I feel so bad if I have to leave her for a while but I rarely have to be gone all day.
  15. I wish I could take my little poodle to school with me but, as janny said, I dont see why that isnt allowed either! I hope I will find a job later on that I can include him in, I feel bad leaving him at home!