Who take care your pets when u go travel?

  1. any suggestion. ;)
  2. My parents, my BF's parents, my brother, and my BF's sister are all people who can take care of our golden retriever if we go somewhere. I guess I am lucky to have family that will help out! (Of course she always comes back seriously spoiled, but that's love!)
  3. my bf's friend. i give him the key to my apartment, stock up on junk food and he comes over and feeds the kitty. he gets to chill out in front of cable tv and eat junk food so it's a pretty good return. plus he grew up with cats so he knows how to take care of them. pretty good deal, i say. :smile:

    we're moving in september and two of his cousins live in the same building so it'll have to be them
  4. When I have to fly to cali for work for almost two weeks, my mom usually takes care of her. The lady I got her from also said she'd be more than happy to take care of her for me at anytime and is even giving me a key to her house if I have to leave her there when she's not home. As a last resort, I'd take her to a kennel since I prefer that she be taken care of in someone's home.
  5. There are some pet nannies where I live, and my favorite "zookeeper" just moved to Texas, so I have to find someone else when we take off for two weeks next April. I have, on occasion, boarded our two cats at our vet, but I don't really like doing that.
  6. I board my dogs at my Vets office.
  7. My parents take care of my Chi when I'm away
  8. usually with my brother & sister..
    sometimes, at this doggie "camp" (similar to camps for human kids) where they can interact with other dogs and play games.
  9. I either take my girl with me or I have a pet sitter come in. You can find licensed ones in your area here: http://www.petsitters.org/
  10. I take mine with me whenever possible; in fact from now on, I doubt I'll travel at all without them. I just don't trust anyone else to take care of them. My parents will drop advil on the floor of their bedroom and forget to pick it up, my best friends who would take good care of them go back out of town for school once summer is over, and my sister is at university in Florida. If I travel, SO is always with me, so that takes him out of the picture. So, no idea what I'll do if I ever have to go somewhere and I can't bring them; guess I'll really avoid that situation, lol.
  11. When I travel to visit my parents, I take my cat. If my husband and I take a vacation, I board her at the vet. We don't have anyone who is close enough to make it convenient for friends or relatives to watch her.
  12. I live with my brother so he watches Sophie when I go out-of-town. If it's a family vacay and we're all gone, I have a "pet hotel" that I trust. It's just for small dogs under 10lbs, and Sophie has a BLAST whenever she gets to go play!:tup:
  13. We board our boxer at the vet's office. IMO it's the safest place for him.... we have plenty of friends and fam that would do it but they either have big dogs (I'm worried about our tender hearted boxer boy getting pushed around haha) and small kids (toys that are easy to swallow and/or small kids get scared cos he's big)....

    So it's the vet's office for our boy.
  14. I have a licensed veterinary technician, who works primarily for my vet. He spends the night at the house so the pups do not have to endure the stress of boarding. (neither does my wallet) If he is not available, another employee of the vet hospital has started working for us. I pay them $20.00 a night, btw-I have 6 dogs who stay in the house when we are home.
    I do not have to worry about emergency care as obviously my sitters are well connected!
  15. We have a couple that completely loves our little one, and usually he stays with his godmother.....she likes to babysit him since she doesn't have a dog of her own b/c of her erratic work schedule and frequent traveling.