who subscribes to elle mag?


Dec 2, 2005
I never remember when I get mine in the mail, have you already recieved the one with madonna on the cover? i know it is on newsstands now but have you got it in the mail- i dont want to miss it if for some reason mine wasnt delivered yet i would think it should have already been. thanks.
I got mine yesterday but I have gotten it after it hit newsstands in the past. If you don't get it by next week, call their cust. service and request to have another issue sent to you.
i'm also out in the boonies (relatively speaking - all the mail comes in to atlanta for north georgia and then has to be transfered out here, i'm like an hour and a half away), which is why it might take a tad longer to get to me. i just got the bazaar that fayden made a thread about a few days ago yesterday, but that's on time for me.