Who still wears the tracksuits?

  1. I know in the fashion world these are really out of style.

    I wear them for exercise,walking my dog, trips to starbucks and for lounging in at home when studying.

    I still love them (just not the garish ones with lots of details)

    There isn't more comfortable sports wear available and these are fitted so I never feel sloppy.
  2. I Still love them too! I've always loved sweat pants, but I'd never wear them in public. I like knowing If I have to throw something on, or I have to go to the hospital in the middle of the night, I have something decent to throw on in a flash.
  3. I think it's the fit of these, as well as the fact they they can be accessorized that makes them so great.

    I like to wear the terry cloth pants with leather sandals and a tube top ( that comes to the waist) when the weather is warm.
    Or when it's cold, I wear the velour with a t shirt underneath, tucked into short uggs and with a scarf.

    But strictly for really casual occasions.
  4. I see a lot of young women and teens at the mall with JC track suits, so it seems people are still wearing them. Some mix and match, but some wear the jacket and the pants together. I see a lot of gals in the jackets out and about.
  5. I still wear mines :p , mostly to lounge around the house. I'll wear a tracksuit to class when the skies are ugly and grey and I'm feeling bummish. LOL
  6. I wear mine. Just for lounging and running to the store, washing the car etc. But they fit great and are so comfy
  7. I wear mine as an entire outfit very rarely, at home. I do wear my jacket separately a lot, but only wear the sweatpants as pajamas.
  8. I don't wear Juicy Couture tracksuits as I really don't like velour, but I do wear the VS PINK sweatsuits and to me they are both same.....comfortable. I wear them to class, errand running, and anywhere/anytime I don't feel like wearing jeans or a dress. Wear what you love and what makes you feel beautiful.
  9. I wear the sweats. It looks kinda trashy together.
  10. Here in Norway, or well in my school (High School) a lot of girls used to wear them.
  11. I wear the set for errands. Easy to throw on and run out the door. I pair them with Vibrams toe shoes
  12. I love them! :yahoo:
    I love the velour feel, as George Constanza said on Seinfeld, "I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable." <-- LOL!!!!

    I don't wear them to the mall, or to dinner, but for day time wear around the house, grocery store, quick lunch w/ a friend, the movies, or at night when Im freezing. Its just nicer to look at than jammies. One of my pet peeves is seeing adult women running around town in pajama bottoms. Ugh!!!!
  13. I am over wearing them in public. I think they are pajamas at best. Throwing on some jeans looks so much more pulled together!
  14. True.I would never wear this outfit on an outing with other adults or in a professional situation.

    However, on a day when I am taking the kids to the childrens museum, or it is raining and I need to buy toilet paper or drop off a package at post office or go make a payment.......psh.

    I will definitely roll straight out of bed, grab my matching juicy hoodie, my keys and my bag, and leave.

    Then when I get home,I take the hoodie off and snuggle right back up into my bed!

    I'm not killing myself to get dressed if I'm not going anywhere to see anyone.and I certainly don't care if I look silly at the post office.
  15. I still wear the hoodies, but I've never worn the pants with the hoodie, I just don't like the tracksuit look.