Who still owns/wears their Fendi Spy?

  1. Thanks so much for the heads up on the Fortuny, I'd seen a few pre-loved online & they looked a little beaten up. What a shame. There is a Mini on eBay at the moment in Fortuny which looks almost brand new but hey, I'm a traditionalist & I like the large. There's also a Petrol Spy listed which I've posted in the 'Authenticate This' thread but I think $899 is too much to ask for a bag with a glued Spy Cap.

    I ended up gluing the end of the Spy Cap back onto my Blueberry Spy but I'm still negotiating with the seller a refund for the cost of the damage. I used a really strong metal on metal glue so hopefully it holds, I'd be devastated if it fell off!
  2. Oh, & I'd love, love, LOVE to see a photo of your Spy collection!! :smile:
  3. I still use my Spy (in Petrol) occasionally, although it has been supplanted by other Fendi collections. The thing I like most about it is how light it is--not too much heavy hardware contributing to the weight of the bag.

    I admit I didn't take care of the leather as I ought to have so the original petrol color has faded to a bluish green. It makes it unique, though!

  4. The Petrol Spy is such a beautiful colour, definitely the next Spy on my 'To Buy List' ...possibly along with the Plum :smile:
  5. I love my spy's. I have had 4 of the baby spy's through time, have kept two of the baby spy's (Tribal and medium brown) I love the bubbly leather and overall design.I honestly don't care if they are passé. To me they are classics.
  6. I agree. I still use mine and actually I just snagged a Zucca baby spy and I plan to use that all the time too!
  7. Lovely! I'm definitely a fan of the Fendi spy bag, I don't see many people wear them so it's unique in that aspect and as well as the design.
  8. OMG. Total throwback. I have 2 Fendi Spy Bags, along with lots of other bags in my collection but I totally recall being completely obsessed with my bags. I have a white with black handles (totally paid a bomb for it but still get compliments to this day!) and a brown nappa with blue handles (goes with everything)! .... =)
  9. My 2 baby spies that I use all the time! [​IMG]
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  10. my old old chocolat spy , i'm in love :smile:
    SPY1.jpg SP2.jpg
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  11. I had my fortuny spy for 6 years and its still holding up well. Luv!
  12. My chocolate Spy is still in the rotation. Love it!
  13. I got obsessed with the Spy 3 years ago. I went to Italy to a Fendi store and bought my chocolate love (wasn't quite easy to track one down though!). I adore it! Also I am quite happy that there isn't this massive hype about it anymore coz at some point you just saw spy's on every corner... however, in my opinion it will always remain a Fendi classic! :heart::heart::heart::loveeyes::loveeyes:
    20140508_200310 Kopie.jpg 20140508_200333.jpg
  14. Ohhh your bag is so pretty (the blue spy) what is the name of the color :smile: ty
  15. I love the distinct previous styles.....I don't have a spy but I get excited when I see them while out & about. Such a stunning, unique bag!

    Anyone here still enjoying theirs?!
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