Who still owns/wears their Fendi Spy?

  1. Hands up, I'm a die hard Fendi Spy lover.

    No bag has ever compelled me to obsesses as much as the Spy Bag did all those years ago & still, years later. Perhaps it's something about the plushness of its leather, shape & unique design; I just absolutely adore it. It was also my first designer handbag.

    Since it's release some 8+ years ago; witnessing it's rise/fall & through all of my wonderful handbag purchases, no bag has ever captured my attention in quite the same way.

    So I'm curious, who still wears their Spy? & who of you sold or pushed yours to the back of the cupboard?

    Here's a photo of my beloved Spy :hbeat:
  2. I still wear my spy on a daily basis. It was also my first designer bag and I obsessed about it in the same way you did. I still love it and have yet to find another bag that I love as much. I also don't buy designer bags on a regular basis or anything so I wasn't going to spend all that money on my spy and not use it!
  3. I don't have this but wish I did!
  4. I don't have one... yet. I know some ppl think the spy bag crazy is well and over with but I think the bag is very classic. Since my jewelery purchases are done I plan on the spy bag being my next big purchase.
  5. I still have a spy, as u can see in my avatar. Since i'm a mommy now, i dont use it often. I need my both hands to be free most of the times so i mostly carry bag with long strap to wear crossbody.
  6. I still carry my spy I love here
  7. Oh my gosh, I am just discovering this bag in kind of a "throwback", revival sort of way! I think it is a classic, and I totally want one! I love the Midnight Blue and Plum.

    The bag is such an interesting study in contrasting textures and cool hiding places! You girls are so lucky to have scored one brand new, I think they are only available resale/consignment now....
  8. I am utterly addicted to the spy bag....lately have gotten in deep with the Limited Edition Spy bags -- OMG!! They are so beautiful & nothing compares....:cloud9:

  9. I'm with you Baglady, I'm absolutely addicted to the Spy; I just can't say that any other bag has ever captured my heart in the same way & probably never will. I love how practical it is, how much it holds & the softness of the nappa leather. It's easy to both dress up or down; it's just so unique in terms of design.

    Personally I own two, one in Blueberry & another in Caramel yet the compulsion to own more in various designs & colours is overwhelmingly strong. I think my next purchase might have to be Petrol, Hologram or perhaps the burgundy Squirrel. I'm also quite drawn to the pinstripe denim. How many do you own?

    I've recently acquired the Blueberry via eBay & must confess that I'm currently fighting the seller as the Spy Cap had been snapped off the wand, put in a ziplock bag & was mailed separately in the Spy compartment; to say I was disappointed is an absolute understatement as it wasn't mentioned at all in the listing. Regardless the bag is still stunning & the wand compartment isn't a space that I'll ever use so I'm considering just gluing it back on instead of paying to have the whole wand replaced which will likely get expensive... & of course I'm demanding a partial refund. I never thought I'd find myself in this position & it's just so disappointing. What do you think?

    Also, do you have any experience with having a Spy conditioned professionally? After 8 or so years both bags are suffering a slight bit of colour fade & look as though they could do with a bit of TLC. I'm going to be in NYC in April & thought perhaps I'd drop them both off at either Artbag or Fordham Repair for the duration of my visit. There's nothing that needs fixing per say, just a bit of conditioning & rejuvenation etc. What do you think?

  10. I'm glad you asked that ruby slippers as I was wondering the same thing. I've had my spy for 6 years now and it has color fade and could also just use some TLC and rejuvenation as you said. I just don't know where to bring it. I bought it at Saks in Short Hills. Could I bring it there?

  11. I've read on other forum topics that Artbag in NYC provide a great service for Spy's, as does Fordham Repair. Both will receive & post back your bag via mail, which makes it that much more convenient if you're not living in the NYC area like myself. I plan on packing both in my suitcase in April when I travel from Sydney :smile:

    Here's a PF thread I found regarding Spy fade & Fordham's: http://forum.purseblog.com/fendi/cognac-spy-bag-before-after-fordham-reconditioning-pics-545514.html

  12. My new/old Spy :smile:

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  13. Thanks so much for the info!
  14. I'd be pissed at that seller too not mentioning the bag had a defect like that....GRRRR:nono: Hope U get a break on the price for that!! LMK what seller was involved so I can nix them in my book of naughty sellers...LOL!

    I have several of the LE & a few of the classic (like zucca zucca and leather & zucca). I don't recommend the Hologram - yes its absolutely beautiful but very very very fragile -- a warning. I gave mine up for that reason. If you can find a petrol spy that is Particularly bubbly and in good condition (hard to find them that bubbly) I'd say go for it! The squirrel bags, both velvet and denim are simply stunning pieces - prettier than pics - can't go wrong! My collection is quite large -- I'll have to get them together for a group pic one day...!! :biggrin:
  15. One more thing, I would consider just having the tip glued or fused to the spy wand permanently -- I've never used the spy wand for keeping things inside - just use it as a handle...so to fuse it in place is no big deal....JMHO.;)

    Also, that bag is simply GORGEOUS!! BIg Congrats!:woohoo::yahoo::woohoo: