Who smell their bags?

  1. I just love the smell of my Bbag- the leather scent is so goood. Any of you take a sniff at you bags?
  2. Yes and I get a high from it! LOL!
  3. :yes: :shame:
  4. Guilty as charged. I am a BBag huffer! :lol:
  5. LOL... all the time.

    In fact, alot of times I will take them out of their dustbags one by one and give them all a little hug and take a quick sniff.... :girlsigh: Ahhhm gives me a good feeling just thinking about it.
  6. Mee!!!
  7. me!:yes: Pet and smell!
  8. *raises hands*
  9. Yeah sniff and hug...even been known to kiss mine.
    It was funny the other day my boyfriend was giving me a lecture on something and I picked my Bbag up and hugged it, my BF laughed and said ooohh you are hugging your bag like it's a teddy bear:nuts:
  10. i love the way they smell! even my boyfriend does. once he said, "hey your bag actually smells better than you." :cursing:
    it's not even like i smell bad.. i think?? :p
  11. Meee! :heart: the bbag smell!
  12. I :heart: the smell of a bbag. Especially a new bbag!!!
  13. Busted I also smel and sometimes Hugg.
    They are so yummie even the secondhand bags. They feel so good:yahoo:

    Nice thread now we know we are not so STRANGE???????????????

  14. I do ! :shame:
  15. only the new ones.