Who should I ask for at BALNY?

  1. I am in need of a good SA..any ideas?
  2. Real good question, I've read the ladies love Sarah and Daisy!
  3. Joseph, Liz, Sarah, or Daisy! I've only worked with Joseph and Liz but I've heard such great things about the others too.
  4. I have bought 2 bags from Terry. Several of my freinds have bought from her as well. She is absolutely awesome! she will help you in any way you need and she happily exchanged a bag that had a defect.

    I LOVE her!!:heart:
  5. I have been on this forum a while, and my 1st choice was Joseph after seeing all the repeated accolades for his service and his expertise in picking out the most wonderful bags.
  6. Kim is great as well!
  7. Joseph........I love him :heart:
  8. Sarah was extremely nice and helpful when I just ordered my bag
  9. totally agree - she's always great with emails too!!! :wlae:
  10. Daphne chooses amazing bags and is so sweet. Kim and Sarah are nice too. I have never has the pleasure of dealing with Joseph but I have seen some of the bags he has chosen and they were gorgeous. I don't think you can go wrong with those 4.
  11. ive only had to deal with Daphne and Joseph, but both of them are so nice! Daphne was especially helpful in helping me pick the right b bag for myself. And she's cute to boot! I've heard a lot of good things about Sarah as well.

    It seems Bal NY in general just has excellent customer service, it felt so much nicer buying my bbag at balny than it ever did at Barneys, the SAs at balny are simply wonderful!
  12. Both Daphne and Joseph are excellent.:heart:
  13. I've worked with Kim and Sarah, but I think they are all great!
  14. Joseph selected two beautiful bags for me based on my insanely detailed description of what I wanted. I would definitely recommend him!
  15. does anyone remember lester? he's been gone for a while, but was soooo nice!

    I've worked with sarah before and she was great!