who sells tsubi jeans? i think mine are fakes

  1. I got mine off of eBay and they are the black skinny ones with the zippers. they are very thin material and looks really crappy. How can you tell fake zipper black ones from real ones? Who carrys these jeans in LOS ANGELES??thanks
  2. I think ron herman has them
  3. Why do you think they are fake? I have the same ones, I might be able to help you.

    In LA, Ron Herman carries them and so do some of the big department stores, like Barney's.
  4. I saw a bunch at Barneys Co-Op in SCP in OC.

    Here is something I posted a while ago about a tip to help figure out fakes on eBay.

    "eBay shoppers, I just found out a great tip to watch out for if you are shopping for designer clothing on ebay.

    There is a company called tong-kong who makes the majority of the fakes on ebay, so before buying any clothing on ebay you should check out their website first to see if what your buying is on there etc..

    Tong Kong website:


  5. they just feel thin and cheap... i dont know. and the back the crosses are grey color
  6. The Closet also sells Tsubi jeans. They have locations at Fashion Island, Triangle Square in Costa Mesa, Main St in Huntington Beach, and one in Santa Monica.
  7. Are the crosses kind of a blue-ish gray? Mine are authentic and they are that colour. And the denim is thin and kind of different, not like most other kinds of jeans. It has more of a cotton-like feel.
  8. The fake tsubis' crosses at the bottom of the tights will fade or can be scratched out easily, whereas the real ones are very intact. check it out... I'm a tsubi fan as well...
  9. Yes, the little crosses in the boxes have a kind of gummy coated texture to them and they don't fade at all. I want more Tsubis!
  10. in mine the crosses faded a bit though... eventhough it's real... I bought it from General Pants in Sydney.. Do you guys put it in the washing machine?
  11. Yes, fade yes, peel no. Fakes literally peels off.

    the crosses comes in m.any colours. not only grey, there are black crosses too