Who sells the best fake Louis Vuitton? Secretsource??? Help!


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Feb 26, 2006
Can anyone tell me who sells the best and the best priced fake Louis Vuittons? I need to purchase one for a gift for someone who's ok with a fake....as long as it's a good one! Can't afford to buy the real thing for her. ANY HELP OUT THERE? I have checked out so many of the companies selling fakes. Secretsource looks like a pretty good one and they say that they have a better catagory that is the "Super" quality catagory. I know nothing can replace a true LV, but I need to do this!! Help please.:shame: :shame: :shame:
It's illegal. Get her a real wapity or something small instead. Better to get something small and real than a big fake. as the guards in albion tell me..."stay within the law".
speedysteph said:
No one here will recommend a source for fakes. It is ILLEGAL to sell counterfit bags.
I got ya......should have known better! Sometimes you just get a bit too desperate and try to do something to help out a friend! SORRY EVERYBODY!!!
I would suggest maybe an authentic pochette or speedy 25? Or a gently used authentic from ebay. If she's OK with a fake she'd probably be ok with a gently used authentic. Please don't buy a fake though. There are too many horrible things associated with counterfeiting.
Small lv accessories on eluxury are available.
My other suggestion is find a store, here we have Saks Fifth Ave and get an account. That way you can pay in installments.
Choose one good bag per season and go from there.
Check authorized mypoupette.com sellers on ebay.
Check out vintage handbags.

I started collecting bags several years ago, my husband was still in school and I was the only one working.
When there's a will there's a way. With fake bags you don't know who you are giving your credit card number to and they may fall apart within one wearing.
Trust me not everyone on this site is rich, we just love nice things.
Another tip:

A Pochette Cles in any LV line is not only fashionable but also useful and a bit less inexpensive (when compared to the bags). It would also make a great gift. I just bought one in the Damier line and was not even out of $200....

Check it out.


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from someone who bought fakes.... i know i know dont bash me.....
but i think it would be wise to purchase an authentic bag,, consider it an investment,, im not gong to lie to you an tell you fakes will fall apart within a year cause honestly ... "good" fakes dont. however if your friend really does like the designer id think,, deep down shed prefer to have something legit. its insurance that the bag will be perfect an that it will last an be worth something.

an like another post said you really dont know who your giving your credit card an info too....