Who sells LIVS

  1. You know the crochet boots? LIVS? where can i find some?? Does DSW carry them? or any other discount shoe place? Does KITSON have them? or Nordstroms? What do they retail at?
    here is a picture of them! thanks
  2. i just called nords and they dont carry them so i called kitson and they dont carry them either!!!!!!!!! who sells them i wonder???
  3. no where online either
  4. no one???
  5. ^ yea Amazon had them for sure
  6. i mean actual stores.. the online stores dont have any sizes
  7. what about DSW?
  8. found em and got 25 % off!!!!!!
  9. I got mine from TIBI.com for 97 all together i wear them everyday!!!!! nicole richie wears the exact ones
  10. I got these last year in cream. Glad you found em!
  11. I got the grey pair from www.tobi.com and they are amazingly comfortable. Really light and let your feet breathe. Am really glad I got them and they are really cheap. X