Who sells Christian Louboutin shoes????

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  1. I know that Saks.com carries them but they sell out so fast :censor: so maybe someone reading this can give me more stores to check????:sos:
  2. Net-A-Porter.com
    NeimanMarcus.com (they have a great return policy)
  3. Also

    They have some great shoes on sale!
  4. Saks and BG have much better selection in the stores than online.
  5. Really? I love all the shoes that Saks carry online, they just sell out so fast, but BG and NM's selection are really not all that great online IMO?
  6. footcandyshoes.com has them- sometimes even on sale.
    Barneys- and Barneys outlets as well!
  7. Check out www.bobellisshoes.com. They are in between spring/summer and fall designs, so there aren't huge number on the site right now, but normally they have at least 10-20 pair to choose from. If you have a particular style/size you need, you can call them to ask. They have three stores and most of the stock goes to the stores first.

    I love Bob Ellis' rack sales. Just picked up a pair of golden tone, snakeskin Gucci pumps for less than half price at the Charlotte shop!!! :supacool:
  8. my local NM and Nordies carries them.
  9. Umm, this thread is 4-1/2 years old?
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