Who scored WHAT at Saks today??? I'll share mine if you share yours!!!

  1. I went in looking for something...I dunno...maybe a wallet??? THEN *pow* the wallet on a chain jumped out and attacked me!!!!!!

    And a big recommendation for SFA/BH Bonnie- what a TOTAL sweetheart!!!!

    Then, I used the EGC to get a Cynthia Steffe trench!!!

  2. Black Jumbo Caviar with new chain through Damian... it's on its way... hopefully I'll get it tomorrow... :yahoo:
  3. LOL...I got my black camellia wallet
  4. bordeaux GST from from Damian and 2 Missoni scarves!Yayyyy!
  5. ha ha ha
    That's funny!

    My friend was their today and talked about an adorable wallet on a chain that was really tempting her!
    She was already over her 5K chanel budget, so she didn't -- but I'm told its really cute!
  6. I didn't get that feeling of excitement since I didn't go to Saks. I just ended up ordering a J12 (Thanks to Calisnoopy aka Corey). But it's supposedly not even in stock so I don't even know when I will receive it. But I'm sure once I get that watch on my wrist I'll be alot happier.

    I hope the rest of you ladies had fun @ Saks and found everything you wanted! Congrats!
  7. I caved and stuck with classics...jumbo flap, black caviar and timeless clutch, black caviar. I think I'll buy some Choos with my EGC :yes:
  8. Large green bubble quilt tote.
  9. OMG, FanAddict, I got the exact bag/clutch today:nuts: with Damian's help. Can't wait to get them.
  10. Was it you???
    While I was debating which style of wallet on a chain someone gave me advice and I couldn't help but think she was a TPF'r...
  11. jbcesq, I highly doubt it...it was a snap purchase from NM. I haven't even unwrapped the paper from around the chain! I have to seriously assess everything I've purchased and take it from there. I do love it, though...

    geminibags, yay! We're twins - how ironic that you've named yourself that, lol!! I have to take pics but the battery's dead. Love 'em? I do!
  12. didn't get anything chanel b/c Saks short hills is the only one i could get to today. but i got burberry, juicy, and citizen stuff hehe

    i'm so jeloussss, all u lucky gals who bought chanel stuff!
  13. I got the baby cabas and patent clutch. Can't wait till they arrive!
  14. I got a black medium caviar flap and a gucci messenger diaper bag with the GC :graucho:
  15. I ordered the white (beige) bubble quilt bowler and a bunch of Chanel beauty products.:sweatdrop: Now I've gotta go sell stuff off.:wtf:

    It sounds like we all ordered from Damian. Poor buddy was up until 1:00 am working upto the EGC event. I can't imagine what today was like for him. Damian you RAWK dude!