Who Says Retail Therapy Doesnt Work??lol!

  1. [​IMG]

    Got these TDF LV flip flops today and put myself on the FEB waitlist for 3 Lim Edition bags..eeeeek!!!LOL! LOVES THESE SHOES!
  2. AND If ya go visit the Prada forum..eh..hem..LOL..youll see my new bag I got too!WOOHOO!
  3. those are beautiful shoes!! I would appreciate those on my SoCal/Palm Springs/Vegas trip this summer. HMMM. hehe, great buy!
  4. they look comfy! shopping therapy ALWAYS work for me!
  5. Nice sandals :yes: , love the color and the large golden buckle :shame:
  6. Cute...makes me wish for summer!
  7. LV manager said NO SOPHIE in USA TOO- PEEPS!
    I already got a Sophie but I had to ask for you guys!LOL!
  8. Congrats!!

    Retail therapy always works for me....1000000%!!! ;)
  9. OH..and Im also RE BUYING the Cruise GM bag too..ROFLMAO! I miss it!

    I put my name on the list for the BH DENTELLE,RIVET MONO BAG CABAS,and LOVE BAG IN KHAKI
  10. Jill you purse :nuts: Love your entire closet... hmmm I think I'm going take your Prada purses:angel:

  11. Congrats!!!! :biggrin:
  12. omfg I love those flip flops! I am going to go check out your new Prada bag now!
  13. :whistle: <-- me whistling at your hot shoes. Wooowooo love the buckle!
  14. Congratulations.
  15. Who says retail therapy doesn't work? Well, certainly not me :lol: I'm alllllll for it. Love the shoes and off to look at your new bag!