Who saw the new floor set?!

  1. I just came back and OMG! I love everything! I love the acorn color and the new hamptons, I also saw the lily in altantic :heart::drool: they also had the new turquoise color, the leigh, embossed suede in chocolate, various things in clay, citron, and signature brown, the new legacy vallet key fob, the frog and lion are finally out, the new legacy picture frame key fob which is bigger than the usual ones, and I also saw the book of things to come. The only one that I clearly remember is the gallery studded tote in signature metallics (11505). It came in whites, browns, and blacks. Also they are comming out with embossed bags the only ones pictured are the hamptons signature hobo. So what did you see and what did you think?
  2. I am going up tonight but I have no $$$! So it's just a look see!
  3. Take Camera Phone Pics :smile:
  4. Going tomorrow (and without my kids :yahoo:)
  5. do they have the belted ergos out on the floor yet? that's my dream bag right now, but i can't tempt myself by going!
  6. My store is also doing a makeover Saturday night/Sunday - new theme layout, etc.
  7. No they aren't in yet, so you can go without that specific temptation.:graucho: They have pictures if you want to see.
  8. i saws it.
    I love the autumnyyyy feel. :tup:
  9. OK, my store had the new catalogues out. I looked at the Lily. Why can't they make the straps about 4" longer? I would love it even more!

    The new bags - I like the older Legacy Bags more. I don't like the "hard" leather look of the Miranda or Vintage Carryall. JMHO of course.
  10. i so want to go
  11. I saw the new floor today. fortunately nothing was irresitable. However, can't say the same for the items to be released in September. Just hope there will be a PCE then. :graucho:
  12. I wish I worked at Coach. Then I would buy the lily and go on an expended ban (notice my signature LOL).
  13. BTW, I also saw new colors for legacy rasin, which in the picture looked like a pinkish purple, and a green color that I forgot the name. It was a forest looking green.
  14. aaah, i can't wait to see it. i'm going this weekend. hopefully picking up a copy of the new catalog too! weeee! :smile:
  15. Here were my observations...

    The Miranda is TDF in person! OMG! It is a LARGE satchel and it is HEAVY. I thnk it is way heavier than the Ali or Mandy. But it looks sooooo good on your arm though. I want that bag, but I know that pratically, I would really have to pair down what I carry (which is probably a good thing :graucho:)

    I finally got to try on the Abbey in person and I love that bag. In the catalog I liked it, but in person I LOVE it. It fits the body really well. This make be making it on to my wishlist.

    The Leigh looks delish in person too. It reminds me of my lovely Alis soo much except it has more hardware.

    All in all, in person i liked the new collection. I would definitely recommend you to see it in person if you can.