who said you can't find happiness in shoes?

  1. so, kallison and depthxofxdreams went shopping and divulged in retail therapy (and starbucks)...

    the ever so cute noel flats (white/black are mine...depthxofxdreams got the white/black AND turquoise/pond....i'm such a good enabler!).

  2. Adorable!!!!
  3. they have them in white and black?!?!?! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    um, i have to have those IMMEDIATELY.
  4. i was SO excited to see flats like this that weren't peep toe!

  5. My thoughts exactly! I had no idea they came in that color combo. They'd match my white/black zoe clutch perfectly!

    You may have just enabled again!

  6. Really cute but just can't wear flats :sad:
  7. i am sooo :yahoo: excited about our shoes!! i'm soo glad too that they are not peep toe!!!!! yay!!!:yahoo:

  8. adorable!! :biggrin: :biggrin: I want the peep toe ones though :p
  9. i SO totally thought about you and your zoe when we saw those!

    you gotta get 'em now! it's meant to be!!!
  10. I had no idea these existed in a non-peep toe version!! How much were they, if you don't mind? Are they from the Coach store or are they a department store product?

  11. kallison, where did you get those? I went shopping tonight and saw those too. I wonder if we were looking at the same place??? I LOOOVVVEEE flats, especially those! Yum.
  12. I love those!!! Where did you find the non-peep-toe?? I love my peep-toes, but I like the black and whites too!
  13. do you have the style number of those? and how much were they, if you don't mind me asking?

    if you couldn't tell from my above post, i love, love, love them! :heart:
  14. I saw them at Macy's
  15. Dang, I was at Macy's today and didn't see them!