Who said animals can't be in love?

  1. OMg Thats is so cute! the people commenting in background are pretty funny too!
  2. Oh how cute! They are holding paws!! Thanks for posting this!
  3. Awww! That is SO cute!
  4. OMG that is the cutiest thing ever.
  5. SO cute!!! Thank you for sharing! :smile:
  6. I saw that on cuteoverload...sooo adorable. I love otters!
  7. that is one of the sweetest things I've even seen I love it when the otter reaches out for it's mate again
  8. So cute! I love how after they drifted apart, one reached a paw out to the other! I love watching otters.
  9. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen...thanks so much for sharing!!!
  10. Thank you for posting this!!! I was having a bad day and that video cheered me up. I love how they were holding hands and the one grabbed for the other when they drifted apart :smile: :love: !!!!
  11. Super cute clip,thanks for sharing.
  12. How cute- thanks for sharing
  13. Awwww that is so cute! I love the bit at the end where they hold hands again!
  14. That is sooooo cute!!!