who`s Looking To Buy In The Sales ??

  1. Its only 17 days now before the big Mulberry Sale Kick`s Off and I can`t wait , If there`s a bargain to be had I`m having it !!

    Just wondering who else is going to be buying in the sales and what bags you hope to be going into the sales.

    I`m finding out on christmas eve whats going into the sales so will keep you all posted :tup:
  2. Hey - Looks like I `ve got pick of them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fab , can`t wait :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. On which date does the sale start please Tara?
  4. Christmas Day.

  5. Great Tara - l'll be shopping with you !!!!! How sad is that!!! All the more bargains for us!
  6. Damn, I'll be stuck at my parents' without a computer on Xmas day.
  7. Do we know what time on Christmas day the sale starts? Or is it just after midnight?

    I'm *considering* the Elgin in oak :heart:
  8. I have the Elgin in oak and its a fantastic bag!!:tup::heart:
  9. Count me in!!!! I'll be online first thing in the AM!!! I'll give a toast with my coffee for all my Mulberry friends and great bargains!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Oh just what i need to hear :tup:
    Just wondering is it very spacious? As in too spacious? Does it hang as far as your waist? I really love the colour!!
  11. No, unless you're used to a small bag, it won't be too big. I'm 5'5'' and Elgin hangs 2 inches or so below my hipbone... Love the Elgin! :love:
  12. Hi calgal ;)

    Search for Chaz's thread on Collonill - it's got great piccies of her oak Elgin being protected and then run under a tap :sweatdrop:

    It's not too spacious at all - it's the perfect size. Hope it's reduced :yes:

    GIW - Oh no, you won't have access? I think I first started posting on the 'bag during the Mulberry sale last Christmas and I'm sure you were there. I'm going to be online at 7am for the pick of the bargains :yes: I'm after a black Annie, half price, please :lol:
  13. Tell me more. Is it just on the web, only in the US? Do you know what bags?
  14. I'll be looking at the sale but really should stick to my bag ban 'till May!! So unless a bag really 'calls' to me I'm going to be a good girl!!!
  15. I am sulking because I won't be able to check the sale out, boo hoo :crybaby: