Who rides scooters??? =)

  1. DH, DD and I go to Key West at the start of every summer, and we use to rent scooters each time. We loved scooting around so much, that a couple of years ago we came home from vacation and bought scooters of our own. We live in a big "small town", so cruising around on our little scooters is so much fun. We actually trail them down to Key West now too. We have matching Kymco People 50s, mine is powder blue (just like the one Mandy Moore rode on Scrubs) and his is a cream color. Anybody else have scooters? :smile:
  2. I'm thinking about getting a vintage Vespa, or maybe one of the new ones... the gas mileage is great! and they are so cute.
  3. My cousin just bought one, and it's amazing! She lives in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, so she uses it to zip to the grocery store and go see friends since you're allowed to chain it to trees, etc on the sidewalks. It's very fun!
  4. Not me, but I wish I had one!! They'd be so practical around here
  5. Does this count?

  6. I dont, but i wish i owned one!

  7. WHOA! That's hot, Charles! =)
  8. I thought more of you guys/gals would have a scooter! Wassup!? lol
  9. i want a vespa, but i keep spending my money on clothes!
  10. Lol..I thought you meant scooter like a razor scooter! My bf has a xooter scooter that he rides from the ferry building to his office (we're in SF). He's ruined a good pair of Bruno Magli's doing it! Naughty. :p
  11. Well, she's in the shop right now... :sad:
  12. i wanted to bump this since i'm looking into buying a scooter. Vespa or Honda Metropolitan. ...the Honda is about $3K cheaper than the Vespa so that's attractive.

    Any one else own a scooter? Rants or raves, things to look out for?

  13. I would love love a vintage Vespa or any type of scooter for that matter.
  14. I have one .. a Piaggio Liberty. I would really like to move up a notch and get a real vespa.
  15. BF used to have one for grad school because parking was a beast where he went. The scooter was easy to park.

    One of my friends has a scooter for around-the-town errands. She and her DH LOVE it! And right now with gas prices so high, she said so many people stop her and ask her about it. In fact, she said 2 people have offered to buy her scooter right there on the spot!!