Who revised their wishlist with all the new stuff coming out!?

  1. I know I did!

    What about you?
  2. I'm lemming for

    *rosabel sandal (pce)
    *kelby slide (maybe) (pce)

    *legacy stripe wristlet
    *oxford cosmetic case
    *multidot ponytail scarf (pce)

    *legacy umbrella (maybe)
    *red contacts case (maybe)
    *patent snaps belt (pce)

    *charm (maybe)

    and I'm loving the green pet accessories!
  3. my goodness, i know i definitely did! i'm at work right now but will update when i get home - this'll take a while!
  4. I added a couple of things! Watermelon keychain and multi-patent flower keyfob. None of the bags really grabbed me. I do like the new scribble but I have the 2006 scribble so I don't need another.
  5. I did! I cut my down considerably! I like the new watercolor stripey stuff but I don't see it as 'me' so took it off my list. I only have one leather skinny and wristlet so I do want the pear. And I love the watermelon charm and sandal fob! I also don't think I like the turqouise color as much as I thought I would. I'll probably go with a large camel ergo tote if I can save up for it. Maybe I'll get a PCE invitation and use it for that. And I think the legacy cosmetic pouch is coming out again so I'd like one of those to go with my other legacy stripe accessories. There's a lot of pretty stuff out though!
  6. I put a bunch of stuff that I want in my shopping bag this morning from coach.com and it was well over $1000. :shame: No, I didn't buy anything... yet.

    I definitely want an Ergo leather tote, the Ergo leather slim envelope wallet and a Carly wristlet. I also lurve the Jacque slingbacks!!
  7. ^^dish mokoni!!
  8. As per usual I downsized my collection dramatically, so I need to fill it up again!
  9. UPDATING already LOL!
    will get next time I go:
    *legacy stripe wristlet
    *oxford cosmetic case

    I'm lemming for:

    SHOES! *rosabel sandal (pce) & *kelby slide (maybe) (pce)
    *multidot ponytail scarf (pce)
    *comic book key chain (pce)

    not completely sold on yet but keeping in mind:
    *legacy umbrella (maybe)
    *red contacts case (maybe)
    *patent snaps belt (pce)

    In march I need to start looking for a bag to use as a carry on when I visit the UK.
    And still in search for a roomy yet light shoulder bag so I may get in the meantime the small ergo bag or scarf ergo.

    and I'm loving the green pet accessories![/quote]
  10. I couldn't find the watercolor stuff. Is it on the site yet or just in the catalog?
  11. It's on the site. http://www.coach.com/catalog/catalog2.aspx?categoryid=895

    This link should take you to the current catalog. You can scroll through and click on items. Not all of the watercolor is available on the website, but some is.
  12. I saw the case in the lookbook, so thats how I know I wanted it. But if you keyword watercolor some of the items show up.
  13. Okay, aarti, I'm dumb, old and uncool. :p What does "dish" mean, other than something that you eat from?
  14. My wishlist has been revised to:

    Large leather Ergo Tote in black or turquoise
    Ergo Large white leather Hobo in white
    Ergo Cross Body Bag in Black
    Ergo all leather wallet in black or turquoise

    Hopefully this should be it.
  15. I revised it already! I also thought I'd want something in the perfume print but didn't like it as much either! I'm sure it'll change AGAIN! I like the Ergo hobo too but don't think I'll be able to swing it and a tote. I need a tote more than a hobo right now.