Who remembers the embossed lines from last year?

  1. I did my PCE preorder the other day (Lyndsey sandals for me and a wallet for my brother) and the SA who helped me reminded me that they can also order old things that are still around but not in the stores...so I've been trying to think the last few days about anything older that I missed out on. Tonight I remembered that gorgeous embossed line from last fall/possibly late summer...I bought a hobo in the embossed leather and returned it, but remember some great book totes. I also remember there being a gorgeous baby blue...suede maybe? velour? something plush looking version of that line. If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, and you have style numbers, please let me know...or if this is completely a lost cause 'cause this line is way long gone, that's good to know too. Thanks!
  2. The embossed beaded suede tote?
  3. Yes, if you want the embossed beaded suede tote, let us know - came in charcoal, lilac and camel.
  4. The suede totes went to Outlet right after the line ended on coach.com. Not sure if they kept any in Jacksonville or not. Item 10442
  5. I have the lilac. Its absolutely beautiful, but its reallyyy hard to keep clean because its all suede.
  6. I remember those. Those were stunning totes! :yes:
  7. here's the lilac to taunt you :whistle:


    I love it but don't use it too often because of the light suede. The other colors are gorgeous too though!
  8. Oh...I saw that one at an outlet just a few months ago. I couldn't keep it clean! It is lovely.
  9. Didn't they make embossed leather satchels, hobos too? I know there was an embossed leather wristlet and wallet that i should have purchased (stupid me!!) Anyway, I wonder if they can order a leather embossed bag???:tender: