Who recently bought a jumbo flap and realise this

  1. I've seen the stamp engraved on the 'CC' is normally on the top but recently when i tried on the jumbo the stamp was engraved at the bottom of the 'CC'.

    the tag also begins with 00A, the SA said its brand new just been delivered. but i though 00 means yr 2000.

    those who bought a jumbo recently can you tell me where the stamp is engraved? also what does the number start with?

  2. I thought that the '00' means it's part of the classic collection. Meaning it will always be there...
    I actually haven't examined where the stamp is on the CC, but will do so when I get home... ;)
  3. What stamp are you talking about?
  4. yeah what stamp,. I wore me red jumbo flap and took a look because this thread was on my mind
  5. 00 means continuous collection.
  6. I'm not sure about other flaps in different material but the caviar flap i have has a little stamp at the top of the left corner of the 'CC' interlock that looks like the letter 'W'.

    i recently been to a chanel boutique to try the jumbo on and realised the stamp is at the bottom of the left corner of the 'CC'.
  7. thanks girls for clearing the '00' meaning for me.