Who recco's Dermablend on the face?

  1. I have been using Dermablend leg makeup for years. Plus I love their concealer.

    Have you used Dermablend foundations and/or powder?

    Any reports or advice?

  2. I used it when my skin reacted to a medicine in a HORRIBLE rash that wasnt responding to treatments. Its very thick as you know, and to get it to apply smoothly on my face i had to mix it with a TINY bit of my face serum to make it spreadable and not so think looking. It worked well, but you still have to set it with powder even on the face or else it will get on your clothing.
    I didnt use ther powder, i just picked up a pressed powder at the drug store, it worked just fine!
  3. My mom used to wear Dermablend. Although it does cover up very well, it looks a tad too cakey to me. It's a very thick makeup, so you gotta be careful. It'll STAIN.
  4. I used foundations and powder dermabled, really work for my and I have melasma for pregnancy is really good