Who Really Makes Hermes Enamel Bracelets?


Apr 2, 2009
I own 5 Hermes enamel bangels and I adore them!

I understand that the Austrian company, Frey Wille (formerly Michaela Frey) makes them for Hermes. However, when you compare the Frey Wille bracelets with the Hermes you quickly see that there are some obvious manufacturing differences. The Frey bracelets seem to be "hand" enameled (you can see the irregularities caused by free hand application of the powdered enamels) and use real gold in the design. The Hermes designs while very beautiful, are more "perfect" and hard edged....certainly not hand applied. Also, the gold used in the design is less metallic. Are the Hermes designs enamel decals of some kind applied on to a solid enamel base coat? Is that how the designs are so regular, so perfect? If Frey Wille is making these bracelets they seem to be using two different manufacturing processes. Does anyone else notice this?

Do you think that the Hermes bracelets are made in Asia (or anywhere else) and then assembled by Frey Wille in Austria?

Also, does Hermes make different bracelet designs for different world markets? Are there designs that are just sold in Asia, for instance?
I just bought a beautiful bracelet with a design of fans and pearls that I don't remember being offered in the US.

Thanks so much!


The Orange Wiggle
Oct 13, 2006
That is a very interesting question!! To be honest, I got to know about Hermes bangles BEFORE I know about Frey Wille, and the first time I saw Frey Wille, I thought, wow, that really looks like an Hermes bangle!! Now I don't need to wonder why! :smile:


Jan 5, 2007
I thought Bernardaud did the enamels for Hermes. Then again, my source is not great for this info (my DH told me...I think someone from Bernardaud told him this).
That they are from the austrian company is something I read on this forum, but I recall seeing there are two sorts, maybe by diffrent subcontractors. Or they might have changed, I know they have changed several other subcontractors before... f.ex. in gloves.

Encore Hermes

Aug 6, 2007
Love Frey Wille........I have a few and they also make the clic clacks (?). The colors are very vibrant. Quality excellent.


Pics from Freywilleusa.com


Apr 2, 2009
It looks like the Hermes bracelet designs are too regular to be applied by hand. They look like high quality decal work with some hand detail applied at the end. Maybe that's why they are so much less expensive (ahem) than the Frey Wille ones? The finest porcelain companies use decals, nothing wrong with it!

I wonder if anyone really knows the answer?