Who really has Birkin/Kelly Crocodile !!!! Feedback please !!

  1. Ladies, My next Hermes would be Gold Ostrich and Crocodile (color : ??). I finally can afford to get the Crocodile Birkin, but I still have no clue which color, style or even hardware I would like to have. Is there anyone in this forum eventually has the crocodile ? Can you please post your crocodile pictures ? I am dying to see your Crocodile :hysteric:.....How is the care of the crocodile ? Is it required high maintenance ? Pics please and suggestions too !! Love you guys !! I am sooooo happy :yahoo:
  2. Mine has not arrived yet but once it arrives, I will take care of the beauty like a baby forEVER.

    What color, style or hardware depends a lot on your choices. It's a lot of money so think first before you want to order. Many will go for black croc as their 1st choice but IMO, bright colors are beautiful too. Discuss with your SA and look at the different colors. :flowers:
  3. This is my croc. shoulder(JPG) Birkin with palladiumHW:heart: :heart: :heart: .
  4. What a beauty!
  5. Dior24, what color is your crocodile ? post pic when it finally arrives !! I love bright colors too but a little worry about it. I might stay classic. Congrats for your next Crocodile !!
  6. This is absolutely gorgeous :graucho:...How much does it run ? Where did you order it ?? BEAUTIFUL !!

  7. Well I have a question that is somewhat related to croc.

    Here is the deal: I am a punk when it comes to reptiles, amphibians, all that. I am scared of alligators, crocs, lizards, snakes, the whole nine yards. So what I want to know is what the actual lizard and croc feel like. I feel like my skin would crawl having croc or lizard skin next to me like that. :upsidedown: :shame:
  8. That's an interesting question, a very good one too. I'm deathly afraid of snakes (and any animals/insects/annelides that look like snakes, which means it includes caterpillars, earthworms, etc) but somehow I don't have an issue with carrying python bags, probably because I know the serpant is more than dead DEAD!:lol: I've felt both lizard and niloticus croc and they really feel like textured leather with patterns, except they're light. I don't know how to explain it but they definitely didn't bother me at all.:yes:
  9. NG, you need to check the skin out in person. If it makes your skin crawl, don't get it.

    *sigh* I have this "thing" about chevre. It's really stupid, but here goes. I really got skeeved out when someone told me that pattern in the middle of the bag was from the spine of the animal. It reminded me of those science experiments where you had to pith an animal. (If you have no idea what that is, please google it, because I don't want to discuss it). Since then, I can't even handle a chevre handbag without being reminded of that. BTW, even though I had to take loads of biology classes, my teaching assistant had to do all the pithing for me. Otherwise, I would have failed.
  10. Pithing... I remember all too well. :lol:

    Nathansgirl, a few years ago I felt the same way about croc. I've learned to appreciate it but my heart still skips a beat for Chevre and Box.
  11. nathansgirl - I'm afraid of snakes and big lizards in general. But Hermès reptile leathers are very well made that you just don't realize. I also like how the scales of the animals are not "lifted" nor somehow peeling off to the sides like other bags and shoes have even though they're new.

    Once, I was in the Amazon jungle in Brazil and our guide took us alligator spotting at around 10pm. It was so scary!
  12. ^ i 100% agree... definitely don't get it if you're freaked by the animals. me personally, when it comes to exotics, i'm ONLY fine w/ crocs for whatever reason.:shrugs: i guess it's cuz i was exposed to this type of leather very early on.

    originally, i was ok w/ ostrich as well until i recently saw a bag w/ some quills still attached.:throwup:

    as for the rest (in exotics, that is), i just feel darn bad.:sad: nothing to do w/ fear as i've handled snakes, reptiles, etc when i was younger.

    such a shame too because BV does some amazing work in python, stingray, etc.

    p.s. i agree w/ dior - black croc is a very popular choice at my local boutique.

    p.s.s. also forgot to mention that i'm ok w/ lizard too. hehehe.
  13. Ugh, I would have been scarred for life.:throwup:
  14. Even though I'm afraid of reptiles, I still adore them!

    I have an H fuchsia porosus croc belt and I love it! Oooh, I reptile slung around me lol!

    LittleMeDave - The SAs and store manager at my H shop says to avoid water as they might stain the leather especially when it seeps inside the glazing. Then, you might have to re-glaze the bag ... also they said that if the water/liquid stains are big and deep, they are impossible to remove. Whenever I wear my croc belt, I keep it out of the rain.
  15. ok....I can't look at this thread anymore especially now that I not only have a Chevre bag but a Croc one coming as well!!!!! I might never feel the same about them again!!!!!

    only kidding.........I really think there's only one exotic that I have a little problem with and believe it or not, after all my Kvetching, it's ostrich. I just can not get past the nipple thing on those gold bags...:weird:

    i tried....i really did......