Who prefers green perfo over fuschia and orange?

  1. I just got my "new" green perfo speedy in the mail and used it for the first time today. I guess I need some reassurance that there are others out there who like the green best! I chose it because I like green, I got a good deal, and I thought it would be cute with my Gecko green Beetle, but I was actually bothered by a comment one of my 5th grade students made about my bag! This girl is always commenting on how much she loves my LVs, but she said "ewww" to my new green perfo speedy today!!! She said she didn't like the green. I know it's ridiculous to let the comment of a 5th grader bother me, but it kinda did! It just ruined my high! TPFers, help me out here. Show me your love for green perfo! :sad:
  2. I like the perfo limiteds, and yours is now truly a keeper, since it's no longer being made. I think all the colors in this line were pretty, and you are so lucky to have that speedy !!

    Oh, and I had to laugh about your comment regarding the 5th grader.....she's a CHILD, and children see things on very simple terms...she probably likes only pink, as most 10 year old girls do !!!!!!
  3. I have the green perfo cles and I love it!
    Green is my favorite color and I think the shade of green goes great with the mono canvas.
    I think you have a winner!
  4. I do! I'm considering getting the green cles. They look amazing!
  5. I actually prefer both the green and fuchsia over the orange. I have the fuchsia Musette and bandeau and the green pochette. The orange just reminded me too much of a pumpkin.
  6. I'm feeling better already! :rolleyes: It's funny how the need for the perfo speedy hit me. I've always loved mono and MC, but when perfo first came out, I laughed. I thought it was such a funny idea to put holes in a mono speedy and to charge more for it (when you're getting less bag because of the holes). However, the more I saw it, the more I started to like it. Finally, it got to the point, where I'd see a perfo speedy and think...."ahh beautiful!" lol Then, when I found out last weekend that the perfo line is basically done and was no longer even on eluxury, I panicked, and hunted down perfo speedy prospects on eBay. I feel so relieved to have my perfo piece!
  7. ^Good! I know, I didn't like it at first either but then when I saw it in person I loved it.
    And don't feel bad about letting a little kid's comments get to you, I can relate. In high school I did this child development class where we went and volunteered at preschools and elementary schools. Well I was there on Valentine's Day and this one little girl gave out Britney Spears valentines and one of the other girls looked at the valentine, then looked at me and was like, "she's prettier than you."
    I'm like, okaaay. :push:
    And you can't try to explain to a 4 year old that the pictures are touched up lol.
  8. I love the green in this line the best even though I really love fuschia in general! I have the green perfo cles and I love it! Travelbliss was right --- girls at this age love anything pink, so green to them is an "ewwww" color. I have an 8th grader and she still prefers pink over any other color --- her cell phone is pink and her digital camera is pink! LOL
  9. I LOVE the green!!! I own an orange perfo cles and adore it, but my first love was green and it's still very hard to turn away from auctions and sales of green perfo cles despite my bag ban! :love:
  10. awww *hugs* MY FAVOURITE COLOUR IS GREEN!! and i have the green perfo cles! if i could afford the perfo speedy i'd get it over all the colours because it's different, and the green matches really well with the mono :smile: and not to mention, you got a great deal on an LE bag -- that's something to be happy about!!
  11. I like Green :love: Sooo fresh ( but unfortunately, I've sold mine coz my bf hate to see my Green one & ask to find in Fucshia :crybaby: )

    Ooh, CONGRATSSS :biggrin:
  12. Hi, I re-read and found that you also request pic for Green Perfo ( see mine, I ever had in Green, Orange & Fucshia ( finally ) ), Green is so beautiful :smile: and I think it's a little difficult to find in green.

  13. It think you made a great choice. I have a green perfo speedy and if I had a choice for all three colors I still think I would pick the green. I just bought it from Caesar's in Las Vegas in June and I felt like it was such a good find that I could not pass it up.
  14. Sorry, I have to go with the fuschia!
  15. Beautiful, LVGodiva! :tup: