Who prefers 120s?

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  1. So, I was just thinking back to my first pair of 120s, and how I could barely handle walking in them for more than an hour. And now, a year later, I wear them every day.

    I don't even remember when this happened. I can't imagine going back to wearing shorter heels all the time!

    All those pairs of lower heels, I barely wear them now!

    I think we started to have this discussion at the NYC meetup. Is this something other tPFers are experiencing with Louboutins?
  2. I still can't wear 120s all the time, but I realized that compared to my 100s, they just look so much sexier! It makes me want more, even though I can barely walk in them.
  3. laureen, all it took was me wearing them every day.

    I know there are others that prefer 120s. LVPiggy only wears 120s!
  4. Are you talking about 120s w/o the platform? If so then NO CAN DO. :sad:
  5. I think that's what she means.

    What about even higher ones with platform? How are they in comparison?
  6. I love 120s! I'm more comfortable all day in Rolandos over Pigalles though.
  7. Hearing that all the wearers of 120s struggled at first is so inspirational. I can't wait to graudate to that height. 120 mm not counting the platform that is.
  8. I am also more of a tightrope artist but I love 120' :wlae:
  9. Not me. 100s are great, thanks, and I'll happily take an 85 in some styles.

    120 with a platform is doable, but without? Forget it :P. It's not even a "wish I could, but can't handle it" -- I'm not even interested!
  10. This is why I only want 140 Declics now!!

    I don't own any 120s without a platform, but I am sure that will change.
  11. Actually, I guess that all of mine have platforms. I didn't consider that. Oh for shame, I'm not as hardcore as I think!
  12. :roflmfao: You're cute purly!
  13. oh, i wear nothing but 120's when i am going out now. I do have lower heels but those are almost never touched now unless i need shoes for some major shopping or work.
  14. 120's all the way!:greengrin:
  15. jimmy, I'm a bit confused about Declic heights, so I'm just going to say that the heel of my 120 Declics measures 140mm and they have a 20mm platform which makes them feel like 120mm'ers. I can't walk in them yet:roflmfao: but I'm motivated!