Who owns the Suhali L'AIMABLE? How is that bag to wear?

  1. I think about to buy a evening bag and i think it will be a Lexington or a Malibu Street in Noisette or maybe the Suhali l'aimable in black or white. Who owns the Aimable and how is it to wear? Is it easy to open? Is it agreable under the arm?
    Please post pics, if you have some. Thank you!:smile:
  2. my MIL has the L'aimable in black. We gave it to her as a birthday present. It is quite small and nice for the evening. I think it fits as a shoulder bag if you have skinny arms, it is not hard to open and close and it is very classy looking. I hope this helps!
  3. Yes your post helps me - thank you!:heart:
  4. I don't have one; I like it but it's really tiny. The price is right but I don't like the size, I can use my vernis Lexington for the amount of stuff that bag fits.
    Anyway I'd be more likely to get more use out of a Le Talentueux.