Who Owns The Legacy Stripe Scarf?

  1. I just won this in an impulse bid on eBay. My initial thought for use is to wrap it around my purse, but I'd also like a scarf I can use in my hair...

    I've never owned a scarf, let alone a Coach scarf, can I wear this one around my hair? Like a headband or anything?

    Hoping to get some insight from you ladies that have this scarf.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Is it the ponytail scarf? If so, it will look very cute as a headband!!
  3. the ponytail scarf or the other one (whatever the heck it's called, that square one?)
  4. I have the ponytail scarf, love wearing it as a headband.
  5. My legacy stripe scarf just arrived today!! I love it, I've been playing around with it. It is the perfect length for so many things. A bow on your bag, a headband, tied in your ponytail (I tie it underneath and let the ribbons hang down). I got the stripe and the scribble and I'm totally loving them right now. You'll like it a lot!
  6. I'm sorry, I should've been more specific.
    It is not the ponytail one it is this one. It's the square one like kallison asked

    Anyone own it?
    Anyone use it as a scarf?
  7. i had it at one point, but never used it. i'm sure it would look cute as a headband- kinda scrunch it up cute and it'll look adorable!
  8. I just got the ponytail scarf.. It's good for a headband as well as ponytail tie.. Plus you can tie it around your neck or use it on your bag. I love it!

    OOps just reaad that you didn't mean the pony tail scarf... so my comments might not apply.. :smile:
  9. I have it, and have not used it yet...but my stepmom bought it for me to tie onto one of my other bags.