Who owns the Jimmy Choo Mahala? What are you feelings about it?

  1. I have been debating whether to purchase a black Jimmy Choo Mahala for about a month now. The $1895 price tag is more than I'd like to spend but I can't seem to get the bag out of my head. I was wondering what individuals that own the bag and those who have tried it on think about it. It is a good investment? Those of you who own it, are you happy with it or have you had buyer's remorse? All opinions are appreciated!

    Thanks so much!:biggrin:
  2. I do not own the mahala but I do own 2 other Jimmy shoo bags (Ross in python and Ramona in lizard). Jimmy Choo makes great bags. The quality surpasses LV and Gucci in my opinion. I used both of my bags alot and they wear well.
    I have tried on the Mahala and it is very sassy. I was actually going to get in red, but then the Lizard Ramona became available and I opted for that instead (i have an obsession with exotic skins). The only advice I have about the Mahala is that the base of the bag is pretty big. It is not for a petite girl. I am 5'8" and I did not have a problem with it, but my friend who is 5'3" said it was uncomfortable. They do make it in a smaller size that seems to work better for shorter folks and that style is called the Maddy. Good luck
  3. I'm 5'1". I enjoy large bags, but I am a little concerned about the base.
  4. Hi Courtney,
    As you know, I have this in red, and I really love it. I was unsure at first, my SA kept telling me the red would sell out, so I had to make a decision.....and she was right........it really is a great bag. I'm 5'9", so the size isn't an issue. When I was contemplating the purchase, the SA would try it on, she's smaller, and it looked great on her. This bag gets so many compliments. Jimmy Choo quality is superb, I own several and haven't been dissappointed in any of them. I know the price is steep, but, if you really enjoy the bag.....why not!!
  5. I have the patent bordeaux Ramona, and I have can only say great things about it. It's well worth every cent it cost, and it has held up amazingly. At first I was also concerned about the price tag given that Choo had only been making bags for a few years. I have no regrets whatsover, and love how his bags really stand out.

    I had tried on the Mahala several times, and kept going back and forth about the base feeling so wide (I'm 5'4"). I really have grown to love the style of it ... recently I stopped by the Choo boutique where the SA brought out her own black Mahala. I really liked that the width on hers was no longer an issue from wearing the bag. It looked amazing on her, and she was my height.

    The SA with the black Mahala was also really raving about an ivory-silvery Mahala that was released for resort -- the bag screamed HOT!! :devil: :drool: :heart: It's a different color than the all white one that is available on Saks.com. I think the White/Silver and the Red are stunning stand out colors for it. Good luck!
  6. I own the Ramona :heart: and one of the next bags on my to-get list is the Mahala!

    I've been thinking about it for months, and I was just in Jimmy Choo the other day checking out the new Mahalas. In addition to black, red, ivory, there are other new S/S colors as well, including a gorgeous electric blue that really caught my eye in the look book.

    If you are worried that the Mahala is too big, have you considered its baby sister, the Maddy?
  7. Wow, Candace! A python Ross and a Ramona in lizard! Ooh, La La!:drool:
  8. Yikes ... forgot about the electric blue! It really is the most amazing, vibrant shade. I already have a lot of neutral bags, and I've been considering the red Mahala to use in spring/summer. The blue is also great, but I'm holding out on blue until I see how the blue spy compares IRL.
  9. I'd love to see some photos of the Maddy, but I can only find a stock picture of it on jimmychoo.com. Also, I can only find it sold at jimmychoo.com (it's sold out online though). I can order it from a JC in Spain. I received the measurements of the bag from a JC customer service rep., however I need to see it next to something to really visualize the size. Why is the Maddy so hard to find??? It's odd!
  10. My SA showed me a picture of the electric blue................they're thinking it's the next sell out!!
  11. i'd love to see it...i'm sure it's amazing!
  12. did you get one?
  13. Yes, did you get the Mahala? We would love to see photos of your Jimmy:choochoo:
  14. i have the electric blue mahala. i am little - at only 5'2'', but i love this bag. it's a biton large and the brass (or gold?) links in it make it a bit heavy, but i odn't care. i use it all the time and it wears really well.
  15. I have two Mahalas, a purple and a cognac. I love them!