who owns the Hudson Wide Leg jeans deluxe in pure?

  1. Who has these jeans? I want to know what size to get. I am normally a size 26 or 27. IN j brand I am a size 26 for the skinny jeans and the bell bottoms i am size 27 for true religion i am size 27. Does anyone know what size i would be? thanks
  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE mine, i got them for $60 off eBay in the summer and have worn them to death.
  3. what size did you get? do they stretch??
  4. I just ordered a pair online, but tried them on at a boutique first. I'm a size 25 in everything else (i.e. True Religions, William Rast, Rich & Skinny, Joes, SFAMK, James Jeans, etc.) and the 25 in the Hudson's was perfect! I asked the sales associate at the store and she said it was pretty true to size and doesn't really stretch out. So you should be okay in a 26....
  5. thanx girl :smile: